TD Canada iOS App to Get iPhone X Update ‘Later This Month’


When will TD Canada update their iOS app for the iPhone X display? Sooner than you think, according to the financial institution.

In an article detailing apps still awaiting iPhone X updates, TD Canada told MacRumors’ Joe Rossignol the following:

“The next release of the TD mobile app, expected later this month, will be optimized for the iPhone X display.”

While TD Canada for iOS does not have iPhone X screen support yet, it does work with Face ID.

As for other Canadian apps expected to get updated for iPhone X, the National Bank of Canada said their update will arrive “in the coming months.”

Four months into the product cycle of iPhone X, even some of Apple’s own apps have not received updates, including iMovie, iTunes Connect, iTunes Remote, Beats Pill+, AirPort Utility and Music Memos.


  • Frustrated

    I wonder how TD will disappoint with the next update.
    No Siri integration: probably.
    No iMessage integration: probably.
    Lacking transaction detail: probably.

  • FragilityG4

    I hope the next update logins on right when you open the app like other financial institutions. I don’t see the reason to have to tap something first.

  • TD app is the biggest joke. iPhone X is out for four months already and the other big four have released their updated app.

    I am working for this stupid green bank and feel shameful about how outdated this stupid bank is. These executives are always not thinking well, cheap, and extremely slow is adapting to the change world.

    This is the most garbage bank ever

  • Jetfire

    Just wait till you work with a bank that releases app after app just to do something specific.

  • Gerry Lee

    I think the only good feature they came out with first was the ‘auto-deposit’ when someone transfer you money to the email you registered with. About the automatic login, I’ve inquired about that months ago and they still haven’t incorporated it in their app yet. It’s always “we’ll pass this along to our team for improvement” response.

  • They kinda have to now.
    Didn’t apple place a deadline for developers for the month of April? Apps without iPhone X support and newer SDK were going to get removed, if I remember correctly.