Adding a TD VISA to Apple Pay Now Gives a New Error Message [PIC]


Exactly one week ago Apple Pay launched in Canada (as we expected), limited to American Express issued credit cards. Could that be changing soon, though?

Many of you have let us know adding a TD Canada Trust VISA card now results in a different error message, which we were able to replicate and confirm below:

IMG 1249

As you can see, the message reads “Could Not Add Card” and “Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information.”

This message is different than what Canadians have previously been getting, the message below which reads “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card,” as seen below (we attempted to add a TD VISA debit card):

IMG 1250

You may recall TD Canada Trust accidentally leaked Apple Pay was “coming soon” on their website back in October, undoubtedly the most compelling evidence a Canadian bank was ready to support the mobile wallet. TD Canada said at the time “sorry for any confusion resulting [from] incorrect info temporarily on our website.”

We previously heard whispers of BMO supporting Apple Pay (nothing since), while RBC’s online customer suggested the service would be coming soon.

Are you seeing any ‘different’ error messages when you try to add non-Amex credit cards to Apple Pay? Could this be a sign Canadian bank support is coming for Apple Pay?

Thanks Reiner


  • Jeeverz

    OMG GARY! Same for my RBC Visa!

  • xeronine992

    This is not new. If you set your region to USA it’s always said that. What’s new is when you try to add a TD Visa it now says “Could Not Add Card” instead, signalling that a change on the backend has occurred.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    No change for my Scotia Scene Visa 🙁

  • Jeeverz

    You are right.. let me try that.

  • xeronine992

    You have a TD Visa to try?

  • Jeeverz

    I do. oops accidentally deleted the 1st comment. Trying to change the picture

  • Araticus

    With TD Visa I get that error message, but on TD debit and CIBC visa i still get card not supported. Strange that TD debit gets a different error message than TD Visa

  • Chzplz

    No change for my:

    Government of Canada corporate Mastercard
    MBNA Mastercard
    Scotiabank Visa
    Chase ( Visa

  • John

    PC Financial debit card I get a different message. Your card is NOT eligible for Apple Pay.

  • Scott Loviselli-Grech

    Scotiabank scene debit card has the same new error message. Hope!!!

  • Peter

    Great news! Tried to add BMO client card that doesn’t have any date of expiration and when I hit next on the screen with card number and my name, I got a message “This card is not eligible for Apple Pay”. 🙂 However, I didn’t take the screenshot and now I only get “Could not add card.
    Guys, please try adding your BMO client card and share the screenshot if you get a similar message.

  • ShaBi

    Yes, we’re all hoping for Apple Pay in Canada, but this seems a bit desperate….

  • Johnny S.

    Ok if you guys really want this to happen, start calling your local bank branches, speak out on these banks’ social media and talk to the managers. By letting them know there is strong demand, we can hopefully motivate them to enable Apple Pay.

  • greg

    BMO debit card message has changed from your card is not eligible for apple pay to “could not add card” “Try again later or contact issuer for more information”

  • Jason Reid

    Gary this is just a cock tease!!! lol

  • Iggy

    Shut ya bitch ass up. Damn serf.

  • Joe

    CIBC has the same message now too!
    What if they’re doing this just to make us think that is coming when is actually not…sorry folks I’m not busting any bubbles but I’m just thinking of all of the possibility!

  • winnertakesteve

    id chock this up to a messily designed system as much as an indication of anything. There are now so many variations of region and card type support who knows what spaghetti of “else cases” could be generating the error result.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, but a variation on the phrasing “doesn’t work” isn’t exactly encouraging 😉

  • ShaBi

    Or people just look waaaaay to deep at nothing.
    It’s just an error message guys….

  • …that will result in expanded Apple Pay soon maybe 😉

  • ShaBi

    And comes with rainbows and unicorns

  • I hope they’re double rainbows!

  • tomm

    I got the same message as TD card above (Your issuer does not yet offer support…) with CIBC visa card.
    BTW, I was able to pay at Canadian Tire with my Apple watch using Amex CC, a pleasant surprise.

  • Ish

    RBC Debit Card Error 🙂

  • Andre

    Just for the fun of it, I just tried to ad my Rogers Mastercard and my HSBC debit card. Neither one worked…:)

  • Steve A

    I’m still getting the older error message when attempting to add my TD Visa Debit

  • Z S

    Still getting the original message for my Scotiabank VISAs and Chase (Costco) cards 🙁
    But I do get the new message for my Scotia VISA Debit.

    C’mon guys, get Apple Pay support out in time for Christmas!!

  • Andre

    I get the first message for Visa, and the second one for MasterCard.

    Note that the Apple Pay site says “Soon you will be able to add your favourite store credit cards and rewards cards to Wallet — and use them to make purchases and redeem rewards with Apple Pay”.

  • Jamie Galloro

    You know any american prepaid cards you can apply for online in the meantime? I’m getting impatient lol

  • mxmgodin

    That message has nothing to do with Apple Pay’s launch in Canada, the US site as a somewhat similar message. Since iOS 9, Apple Pay now supports store-issued credit cards (ex.: JC Penny and Kohl’s have their own credit cards in the US), as well as reward cards (available at Walgreen and Dunkin Donuts in the US). This text only refers to these services, that is also available for Canadian merchants to use.