Tech Journalist Walt Mossberg to Retire in June, Ending a 47-Year Career


Tech journalist Walt Mossberg is retiring in June after a 47-year career. The majority of his career was exclusively focused on consumer technology, including extensive coverage of Apple.

Mossberg announced his intention to retire on Friday. He will be retiring shortly after the Code Conference in June, which is an event he founded with his long-time colleague Kara Swisher. In a blog post, Mossberg wrote:

“[Retiring] wasn’t prompted by my employer, or by some dire health diagnosis. It just seems like the right time to step away. I’m ready for something new.”

Following graduation from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Mossberg signed on with The Wall Street Journal in 1970. He shifted over to his Personal Technology column full-time in 1991.

Mossberg famously hosted a discussion with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in 2007 during the All Things D conference, where both Jobs and Gates discussed the mobile future of computing.

He later went on to launch Recode with Swisher in 2014, which was acquired by Vox Media in 2015.


  • Tim

    It’s time. The guy’s reviews are written in a way so that they mainly (intentionally or not) appeal to other baby boomers and few others. His style reads like PC World reviewing the latest 486 with 8mb of RAM back in 1994.

  • Pierre

    Wait toll they see pentuim.

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