Telus Decreases U.S. Roaming Prices as Competition Increases



Today, Telus announced new decreased U.S. roaming prices as more Canadian carriers are adjusting their roaming plans.

The new plans are set to compete with features offered by larger carriers like Rogers, while offering low prices like smaller carriers like Roam Mobility. Telus is now offering three packages which bundle talk, text, and data. The new packages are priced as follows:

3-Day $25 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 150MB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.

10-Day $50 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 300MB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.

30-Day $80 Pass: Unlimited minutes, 1GB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing text messages.


All three plans have the same data overage rate of $5 per 50MB. Telus offers a data-only U.S. roaming plan, however, it’s not competitive at all. The $15 data-only plan gives you 15MB of data for 30 days. In comparison, Rogers offers a data-only plan which costs $7.99 for 50MB.

“The comfort of not having to worry about voice minutes and outgoing text charges is important, too, but it’s the bare minimum TELUS could offer given Rogers’ new Roam Like Home deal, which allows Share Everything customers to pay $5 per day to access their domestic plan abroad.”

The best deal to date is still offered by Roam Mobility, offering unlimited talk and text, along with 400MB of LTE data for $3.95 per day.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • JB

    This certainly isn’t an improvement… TELUS used to offer a $25 pack for 50 minutes and 50 MB of data which could last you up to 30 days. Now their $25 pack expires after 3 days??

  • MikeJenkinson

    That’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s nice to have unlimited talk and text. On the other hand, JB is correct – these used to last 30 days. Although given that I’m usually in the US for either 3 days or 7 days, I guess I can’t complain too much.

  • ipostic

    I travel to US quite often as well. I found that the best deal and least amount of headache is Roam Mobility service. I’m not affiliated with them just a happy customer. I have my unlocked iPhone so nothing changes when it comes to iMessages or internet. The only bad thing is that my actual phone number changes but with Roam Mobility low rates it’s not an issue for me.


    We are so hammered by these crooks. I picked up an (t-mobile mvno) sim card for $0.99 on eBay and landed their $19/month plan for $108 for a year (special promo last month). Unlimited talk and text from the US to 10 countries including Canada and 100Mb LTE data. Additional LTE data is $5 per 500 Mb, each time I run out. So even for the 6+ months that I’m not in the US, only costing me $9 a month to keep my service and get my texts on my iMessages. This fleecing has got to stop. Koodo wanted $15/mo just to hold my number on a seasonal disconnect.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    rogers looking good with roam like home

  • Crosseyedmofo

    pros and cons about having your number changing, its a good thing most notably if you have american friends, they wont get dinged if they call or text you… which is the one thing that sucks with rogers roam like home

  • Cyrus

    I just came back from Miami after spending 6 days there on my wind us roaming plan. It’s unlimited. I had used over 1 gig of data streaming music in the car.. Watching videos … Face timing and browsing the web.. And talked more more than an hour even to American numbers. … And you know the best part of all of this was? …… I paid 0 cents

  • davec

    These charges do seem very high. Have you had a look at Telestial or Go Sim. The last time I used them 50 min cost me less than $10.