First Tesla Model 3 Instrument Test Reveals BMW 3-Series Killer


The folks over at MotorTrend have performed the first instrumented test of Tesla’s Model 3, the electric car that could change the world, suggesting that Tesla’s offering beats the iconic BMW 330i in every possible way. “The Model 3 is quicker, stops sooner, tackles the figure-eight faster, has more horsepower and torque, steers quicker, and uses a quarter of the energy”, note the experts.

2017 Tesla Model 3 rear three quarter

Road test editor, Chris Walton, took the rear-wheel drive 2017 Tesla Model 3 with 75 kWh battery pack out to check acceleration. Here’s what Walton says:

“Pressed to the road by its tail-heavy (48/52) weight distribution, the Tesla surfs away on a steep, 307-lb-ft wave of torque. A 4.8 second 0–60-mph time pops on the screen, then the acceleration rate slightly fades as aerodynamics reel back against the motor’s 271 hp and Walton flashes past the quarter mile: 13.4 seconds and 104.9 mph.”

While admitting that the car is better than expected, Walton believes the Model 3’s acceleration may seem exaggerated by the absence of engine noise to distract you from it. In comparison to the BMW 330i, he says that even though it’s a touch more expensive, “the Tesla betters the Bimmer in majority of metrics”.

The Model 3 is 0.7 second quicker to 60, stops 4 feet shorter from that speed, and has a 0.4-second-quicker figure-eight lap, and its lateral grip is only 0.1 g behind despite hauling 365 extra pounds sideways. There’s more power and torque, it’s steering’s way quicker, it’s shorter on trunk space, and after tax incentives, its as-tested price winds up about $1,000 more (than BMW 330i). 

For detailed charts, comparisons, and photos, hit up the source link.

Tesla M3 v BMW 330i chart graphic 1


  • FragilityG4

    The 3 Series has over forty years of history behind it, I’d hardly call the Model 3 a “3 Series killer”. I’m sure the car is great, but a BMW is a BMW. How many phones have been dubbed an iPhone killer?

  • sukisszoze

    Hope they do a long term report comparison between the two after reading the finish of Tesla is not up to par for cars in that price range.

  • Jack

    completely agree… plus for a 2000km run, Model 3 battery will die out half way and recharge vs refuel, 330i will get there much earlier… time is money

  • Tim

    So is the cost of gasoline.

  • Dingleberry

    If time is money then why the hell are you driving for 16+ hours?