Tesla Model 3 Orders: On Pace to Hit 500,000 Before Part 2 Reveal: CEO


After revealing the new Tesla Model 3 last week, CEO Elon Musk has continued to take to Twitter to respond to customers and release more details about the new car, which will be priced at $35,000 USD (Tesla told us no International pricing has been revealed yet).

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On Friday, Musk revealed 198,000 people had already put down $1,000 deposits for the Model 3, which isn’t slated to be released until late next year, at the earliest.

Yesterday, the CEO tweeted Model 3 orders have hit 276,000 in just three days. In response to a customer, Musk confirmed “if the trend continues”, pre-orders will surpass 500,000, even before the company’s Part 2 reveal of the vehicle, which is still to-be-announced.

As for other new Tesla Model 3 details, according to Musk and his “impromptu AMA” on Twitter, check them out below:

  • “Matte black was surprisingly popular. Probably makes sense to bring it to production.”
  • “There will be an optional tow hitch.”
  • “A Model 3 order gives you priority in your geography, so, even tho total count is high, ordering early will make a big difference locally.”
  • As for criticism of the lack of dashboard/HUD (heads-up display), Musk replied “It will make sense after part 2 of the Model 3 unveil.”
  • The back seats will fold down, possible for sleeping. “Will be great for road trips and camping.”
  • “Model 3 will be RWD, with dual motor AWD optional. Even RWD will have great traction on ice due to fast torque response of Tesla drivetrain.”

People worldwide are going crazy for the Model 3, including Canadians such as Nik Jovanovic, who was the first in Toronto to place his order, waiting overnight in line to do so.

Musk previously stated Apple’s vehicle plans are “obvious” in Silicon Valley, as both companies have poached employees from each other.

Back in February, when asked about the rumours of Apple working on an electric car, CEO Tim Cook responded with the following:

Part of exploring technologies and picking the right one is becoming so familiar with it you can see ways that it can be used. And for us, we’ve never been about being first. We’ve been about being best. So we explore many different things, many different technologies. And at first we might not know what product it might wind up in. And then later we’ll see that that really cool technology enables maybe things that we’re doing today to take on something bigger, maybe something new. But once we start spending gobs of money—like when we start spending on tooling and things like that—we’re committed.

During the company’s annual shareholder meeting in late February, Cook also said “it’s going to be Christmas Eve for a while,” when asked about Apple Car.

As for a Canadian link to the rumoured Apple Car? Apple has reportedly leased a 22,000 square foot space in Kanata—next door to QNX, the automotive arm of BlackBerry—in what many suspect may be for R&D purposes.

Tesla’s Autopilot features such as ‘Summon’, allow iPhone and Apple Watch users to control their vehicle remotely, to do things such as open garage doors and back out into driveways on its own.

Are you awaiting your Model 3, or will you be holding out for ‘Apple Car’? The excitement over the ‘affordable’ Model 3 brings us back to the anticipation of the original iPhone in 2007.


  • Corey Beazer

    Todays current exchange rate, it’d be $45606.68… take into account the $8500 (ontario) tax benefits and your down to $37106. Still not bad… I’d certainly consider it.

  • Renegader

    It’s actually a 13,000 rebate now. Not 8,500.

  • Ryan Peterson

    does Alberta have tax benefits? Are there federal tax incentives?

  • mark

    please share the link that confirms what you stated…

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Did u order one Gary? #Model 3

  • No I did not…although I bet if I dropped a pre-order today, I would get it in like what, 5 years?!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I know eh! It’s tempting but I am gonna wait and see how it performs in real world use and also Apple Car might be just around the corner too when my turn comes on Model 3 so might as well wait.

  • Olley

    They’re making a huge fuzz about this but if you read the terms and conditions – that 1000 dollars is NOT a purchase agreement, it is a reservation hold so that they’ll send you configuration later on. It can be cancelled and fully refunded at anytime before you actually sign the contract. Anyone can go ahead and “pre-order” one.

  • Tim

    One thing that might be working against them is that a lot of the tax rebates cut off once sales hit a certain number (200,000 for some of the US ones I believe). Not being able to access these rebates may be cause for a significant number of reservations to drop off if those people were counting on the discounts.

    That said, it’s still pretty phenomenal.

  • definingsound

    Analysts are suggesting that Tesla will have a production capacity of 65k model 3’s per year, so Gary your “5 years until I get one if I sign up now” is bang-on accurate if everyone that dropped a deposit purchases the car.