Tesla Model 3 Preorder Date: March 31 in Canada and Worldwide


Part of Tesla’s game plan to mass market their electric vehicles was to start off with expensive versions like their current Model S and Model X, to eventually lead the way to more “affordable” consumer versions, like the $35,000 USD Model 3, set to be announced on March 31, 2016. The new model is slated to go on sale in “late 2017”, according to the company’s earnings call yesterday.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter reservations for the Model 3 will start on March 31 at Tesla stores and April 1 online, via a $1,000 USD deposit. The ability to make a reservation in-store is not limited to the U.S. though, as Musk clarified on Twitter it will be available globally:

This means Canadians can get in on the Model 3 action as well, since there are seven Tesla store locations Canada located in Vancouver, Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto x 2 (Yorkdale Centre; Lawrence Ave), Montreal and Quebec City.

The CEO also explained on Twitter there will be “no signature series for Model 3. Same reservation amount for all.” Signature series models came with top-end features, so it’ll be interesting to see what options Tesla will make available for the Model 3, when we find out more information in “coming weeks” says Musk.

Current Tesla models can be controlled with an iPhone or Apple Watch, such as this recent demo showing “Summon” mode. The automobile looks to be the next battlefront for consumer dollars, as Apple also has plans to launch an electric vehicle of their own.

Are you going to pony up $1,000 USD to preorder a Model 3 next month?


  • MGSayah

    I’ll wait to see what the car looks like, what features it has, and if it can sustain me at least a full day worth of driving. But there are big chances that I’ll be getting it at 40 grand – 8500$ (EV incentive) that’s cheaper than most cars on the market.

  • Bafoon

    In for 2

  • Can’t wait to see what Musk reveals, hope it has Autopilot features too and will just lack some luxury options to make it cheaper.

  • Ditto!

  • OliChabot

    I would be surprised they offer the autopilot option on a 40k$ car, I guess the Model S and X have some pretty expensive detectors for that Autopilot to work that a cheaper car can’t afford to offer. Still, a 35,000$ EV car that doesn’t consume gas and is technologic is such great news !

  • winnertakesteve

    I got a prius c as my first car. Really hoping i can step up to a tesla next time around, but that’s still going to be a bit of saving up. And I’m hoping charging infrastructure improves by then, too.

  • BigCat

    To own and drive a Tesla would just be a very cool experience!

    But if the numbers are a deciding factor in your purchase decision than this new model is still going to be pricy when compared to other rides:

    $35,000 USD x 1.40 = $49,000 CND

    I would guess that getting your new Tesla on the road might total just under 60k CND not including the required electrical service installed.

  • Tim

    Yes, taxes will make it even higher. Also, Elon went on record today to say that the first vehicles off the line won’t be $35,000 USD. They’re only going to offer higher option versions first, apparently to pay off development costs quicker.

  • jmcd102

    Why can’t other auto makers design a $60000 car that looks like this?

  • Widohmaker

    It really depends on 2 issues, range on the vehicle and infrastructure. Currently, if you live in a condo it is nearly impossible to find charging solutions for electric vehicles. If you live in a house then it is easier to own an electric vehicle. Finally range anxiety is still an issue. If they can get the range upto 500 km per charge I think the future looks bright for electric vehicles.

  • Frank

    if you are in ON you get up to 14K back from the ON GOV.

  • Frank

    Also you save 3 or 4 K a year on gas and Maint… Not to mention that a base Tesla will probably be a very nice car at about 42K all in. Drive it for 10 and a half years and it pays for itself in savings (Basically the car is free, you can’t afford not to buy one).