Tesla’s Model 3 Will be on Display in Toronto, Vancouver Starting March 2nd [u]


Today, Tesla announced that they will be showcasing their highly-anticipated Model 3 at their dealership location in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre starting on March 2nd.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and you have been anxiously awaiting this vehicle, be sure to stop by their dealership in Toronto tomorrow. Drivers can experience the expansive glass roof, premium interior, and large 15-inch touchscreen display.

The company said that experts will be available in the store to answer any questions that you may have about the vehicles safety features, driving range, and performance. While you are at the dealership, Tesla is also encouraging customers to check out their higher-end Model S and Model X vehicles.

Update: Readers have let us know the Tesla Model 3 is now on display at the company’s service centre on West 4th in Kitsilano.


  • Zirak Chowdhry

    Tesla’s service/delivery centres are not considered dealerships. Tesla sells vehicles directly.

  • FragilityG4

    Have they started deliveries on it? I haven’t seen any on the roads.

  • chickeee

    Model 3 is on display in Vancouver at the West 4th Tesla service centre

  • Eric

    They are considered show rooms right?

  • swotam

    More like stores with one or more models on display. It’s not like a typical car showroom where you can see a bunch of different cars and arrange for test drives. They are mostly there so that people can see the cars and get more info on Tesla in general. I suppose you can arrange to buy one as well if you didn’t want to order it online from home.

  • swotam

    They have started deliveries in the US for current Tesla owners, and I believe they have very recently started taking actual orders from people who got into the virtual line back in 2016.

    There have been no shipments to Canada (that I’m aware of), I think they are still focusing on the US orders at this time.