Testing Yellow Jacket’s Stun Gun Case for iPhone 5/5S



At CES 2014 Yellow Jacket showed off their stun gun case for the iPhone 5 and 5S, which comes one year after the release of the company’s iPhone 4 and 4S case.

Doug Aamoth from Time Tech got a chance to try out the case. He says the case is very bulky and can be cumbersome to carry around. The device runs off a battery, located in the case, but it still manages to pack just shy of one million volts, which is nothing to panic about.

Aamoth’s experience when getting zapped by the case was uncomfortable but did not lose any control. He says:

It feels like being knocked by a moderately aggressive electrical shock – the kind that almost takes your breath away, but not one that’d require an ambulance ride.

The case has a built in 1,800mAh battery which can power the device for about 50 zaps before it needs recharging. When you are not using the stun gun feature, the battery will act as a spare for your iPhone.

Yellow Jacket’s stun gun case for iPhone 5 and 5S will be available in February for $150. In most places this device is illegal, so please do check your local laws before you buy one.


  • 1His_Nibs1

    This is why shit like this needs to be regulated. Trust me I’m not a fan of having even more red tape BUT there’s nothing preventing scumbags from purchasing this and then using it on John/Jane Q. Public.

  • Nick


  • El Cockblock

    C’mon!! Where’s your sense of moderately-criminal-activity fun?

  • Chrome262

    What are you on Crack. it is useless, regulate it all you want. Decent stun guns are available in lots a places, and its not like criminals prefer them over guns. Truth is, I would rather be stunned then shot for my iPhone. I feel there isn’t enough non lethal self defence weapons, and the ones that are out there are over regulated. You can’t even legally use pepper spray up here, and telling the girls who get assaulted on the way home from class that they don’t need it, doesn’t help them.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah, but guns aren’t as readily available in Canada like they are in the USA and just because something is regulated (and I quote) “telling the girls who get assaulted on the way home from class that they don’t need it, doesn’t help them.” doesn’t prevent those same girls from actually procuring one.

  • Chrome262

    True to a point, but they can’t buy them here legally. And if they use them they could be charged as well. Sure the cops could give her a break, and I know some people at York University, when things were bad there that did what you said regardless. But I think just the availability to potential victims is a deterrent. If, say campus cops, were giving out pepper spray, and training people to use it, I bet that would keep some criminals away. I think the main problem with regulating things like this, and it can be said for other things, is the people who set these regulations actually aren’t that familiar with the tech, and tend to get a bit over zealous. In this case though it its pretty useless, it may hurt but not much.