Texting and Driving in Ontario Could Soon Net You a Maximum $1000 Fine


The government of Ontario is set to reintroduce a bill which aims to increase distracted driving penalties to $1,000, plus three demerit points. Current laws only have fines that range from $60 to $500, with the new law to increase those amounts to $300 to $1000.

Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said at a news conference yesterday he plans to bring back the distracted driving bill, which was eliminated due to the recent June 12 election:

“I think this is really important for our government to draw a line in the sand, so to speak, and make sure people understand that we can’t let it spiral out of control, that we do need to get a handle on it very clearly,”

The bill would also impose three demerit points in addition, and will be reintroduced once the legislature resumes in October. Del Duca expects the legislation to pass, as the Liberals  won a majority in the recent provincial election. Ontario has banned the use of handheld devices for uses other than calling 911 since 2009.

Back in March, the Ontario Provincial Police revealed distracted driving was now the number one killer on the roads. A recent survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) noted close to 50% of Ontario teens in Grade 12 admitted to texting while driving.

What do you think about these harsher penalties? They will definitely make people think twice about using their device while driving as it’s pretty damn dangerous.


  • BeaveVillage

    Cash grab, nothing more. Let common sense prevail over the destruction of freedoms.

  • Al

    Morons shouldn’t be allowed to post.

    Yes Gary, I’ve resorted to name calling, but c’mon!

  • FragilityG4

    When this law first came in I was against it. Not because of the texting, thats clearly dangerous, but the use of a mobile to your ear … Having said that over the last couple years driving here in Ontario I have noticed that majority of the people nearly hitting are in fact on their mobiles. I now agree that at the very least people should be on handsfree and never text. I know I can do the two at the same time, but shouldn’t and there are a ton of people that can not. I hate nanny statism as much as the next level headed conservative, but for my safety and more importantly my children safety, I agree with this law … I never say this, but the Grits got this right.

  • You’re right. Nothing but a cash grab. But when a ‘distracted driver’ impacts someone you know, I bet you’ll be thinking twice about this new law.

  • WatDah

    Yes, let common sense prevail, and stop distracted drivers from putting themselves, and more importantly, other people from danger, so that people can really enjoy their freedoms not bounded by a wheelchair.

  • Tim M

    what’s your postal code? I’ll send a few distracted drivers to your neighborhood and let them loose. how much of a ‘cash grab’ will it be then?

  • This guy above me is a moron

    Cash grab? To force those who treat driving as a right not a privilege to keep their eyes on the road? You’re the idiot pal. Stay off the road and the internet for that matter. Epitome of canadian cry baby right here.

  • Al

    A cash grab? Really!?
    A speed trap on a country road with a recently changed, abnormally slow speed limit is a cash grab. THIS, on the other hand, is a kick in the ass for the insanely stupid.

  • Forgot to add /s

  • Tom

    It means nothing if cops don’t enforce it. I stop at Red lights ???? daily and I always see drivers with their head down… Checking their crotch? No… They’re stroking their phones. Some are even blatantly talking on their phones!