The 7 Types of iPhone Owners: Which One Are You?


Just what kind of iPhone owner are you? The folks at created an interesting infographic about 7 types of iPhone owners. Do you fit any of these profiles? I still like this infographic on what smartphone owners think of each other better though.

7 Types of iPhone Users by All Area Codes


  • iamlynda

    Am I a complainer? There isn’t one that suits those of us who were anti-Apple, did not buy until 3GS, didn’t like it at first, almost returned it but now cannot live without. I wouldn’t call myself a fan-boy although I visit all the fourms and advise all my friends to cut all ties with their BB and go iPhone (I’ve actually successfully converted both my boss and his wife as well as my husband and several freinds and family!!). Am I an Overuser? I don’t take it to the loo and I hate Halloween. I’ve not hacked it *yet* but I do check out a lot of apps and am the first of my friends and family to try things. 😉

  • Leet

    I’m a mix of the fanboy (I frequently check macrumors and post, and I own a iPod and Macbook Pro) the overuser (I take it everywhere and use it all the time) and Hacker (Jailbroken from day 1, I’ve jailbroken 80% of my friends)

    At the end of the day I love my iPhone

  • Fanboy / OverUser lol

  • Sparky

    Closest for me would be overuser. I jailbroke my old 3G, hated it and subsequently restored it. I’ve only owned iPhones. I didn’t dress up as an angry bird though haha.

  • E Leung

    I am definetly the Hacker 🙂

  • Scott brookes

    I’m a mix of fan boy and over user

  • Wuju007

    Fanboy / Hacker for me 😉

  • Anonymous

    50% Hacker
    20% Overuser
    20% Complainer
    10% Fanboy

  • ShadowComposer


  • Bikenboard69

    I’m a mix of the fanboy and overuser. Kind of funny actually. My wife would call me the overuser. 🙂

  • Bud Carter

    I am ‘the Appreciative’ having struggled with the HP Ipaq for a number of years. HP and Microsoft seemed bent on pissing off and abandoning their customers and the technology was glitchy. I for one have good reason to appreciate Apple.

  • Guybrown

    I got the iPhone 4 in Oct. because it was “the” phone to have. Always was a BB guy and once got the hang of touch keypad it’s great. Oh! Yah, I’m a senior

  • Kirk Armstrong

    lol I like this article. 🙂

    Fanboy..all the way.

  • Bonnie

    Fan for sure, of all things Apple & have been since buying a Mac in late 1984. I text, buy Apps, phone, email, etc. & yes, I am a senior & resent the caricature of the senior user!!