The Battle Against Distracted Driving is Growing in Canada


Back in 2013, Carmen and Stephen Battle got the call no parent ever wants to receive, saying that their 19-year-old daughter Melody was in an Edmonton Hospital clinging to her life.

Melody was driving the new car her dad bought her to work, which had Bluetooth installed. She was running late, so she decided to text her boss to let her know. However, in the blink of an eye she crashed into the back of a grader on the highway.

The accident left Melody with a traumatic brain injury and a slight loss of sight in her right eye. Melody was in rehab for several months before she was able to walk and talk again.

Four years later, her parents have launched an organization called Battle Against Distracted Driving. The organization’s mission is to raise awareness and educate people about distracted driving. This is a very important issue that has become the leading cause of automotive deaths in North America.

Her mom Carmen, said that life after the accident has been very hard for Melody:

“A lot of her friends disappeared after the accident. She is trying to get a job but no one will give her a chance.”

Her father Stephen said that “no one should have to go through what we have as a family. We have to do something to combat distracted driving.”

[via Calgary Sun]


  • FragilityG4

    It’s just not worth it to look at your phone while driving. If you are for some reason not concerned about yourself, think about everyone else on the roads… and their families.

  • SV650

    Thing is, it is an issue bigger than just phones. Phones are the most recent issue, but folks need to recognize that while driving can be immensely boring as you tootle down that highway, when something unexpected occurs, you need your undivided attention. Move into the city with denser traffic and the issue multiplies.

  • FragilityG4

    The phones have made this problem far more widespread and more often.

  • Don’t mean to offend

    Sadly, they have indeed done something about distracted driving: there’s one less distracted driver on the roads as I assume their daughter will not be able to drive.

  • BeaveVillage

    Distracted driving, what about all those stupid shiny full screen LED advertisements that are everywhere as we drive around city streets? It’s not just the stuff INSIDE the car that distracts a driver.

  • Quattro

    If you have A.D.D., there’s drugs to help fix that. If you have passengers, THEY can be entertained by the billboards.