Pop-Up Store within Hudson’s Bay in Toronto First to Launch iBeacons in Canada


Apple’s iBeacons technology has been implemented inside a pop-up store in Toronto, one of the first implementations of the technology in Canada.

MobileSyrup’s Daniel Bader went hands-on with vintage luxury retailer LXR & Co’s setup at the Hudson’s Bay location at Yonge and Queen, and explains below how it works:

When a customer walks into their retail store, coupled with the app installed, their phones are detected and able to simply scan all the products for sale to immediately receive detailed information such as pictures, videos and a complete product description. There was even the option of adding items directly to a “wish list,” as well as sharing to your favourite social network to receive in-store recommendations and offers.

Ibeacons canada

iBeacons has been deployed in various areas in the U.S. but this is the first time we’ve heard of the implementation in Canada. If you’re in the area, let us know if you’re going to test this out.


  • Al

    After reading the quoted excerpt, I have to say… If that’s all iBeacons are good for, then 3 years from now people will be saying, “Remember iBeacons… LOL”.

    I fail to see any practical benefit to this that would cause people to actually want to pull out their phones to check what is already right in front of them. Dumb. Just plain DUMB!

  • Tim

    iBeacons seem useless and annoying.

  • Eric

    I think of Bacon when I read IBEACON.. every time

  • Candied iBacon…mmmm