The Complete iPhone 5 Rumours Round Up [Infographic]


I love infographics–who doesn’t? The folks at came up with a nice looking infographic that breaks down the possibility of each rumour happening. If you’ve missed out on what has been said about the upcoming iPhone 5, this is a great little read (click to enlarge):

Bigger screen? September launch? We’ll have to wait and see.



  • turbolag

    60% chance of HDMI? The dongle works with the iPhone 4, so there is a 40% chance compatibility will be removed?

  • Anonymous

    I think early July for US.
    Late July or Early August for Canada and a dozen others
    September for the rest

    Otherwise I like most of what they said in that graphic

  • Gouvek

    Loved the brochure….

    I have never owned an iphone and look forward to getting the iphone 5. 🙂

  • I have to think iOS 5 is a certainty, and I’m a little skeptical of a August/September launch, despite the tragedies in Japan. Everything else seems about right though. They did a good job

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