The Google vs Apple War is On!


The Google I/O Conference is currently taking place in San Francisco. Google is king when it comes to search on the web and the plethora of cloud-based programs they offer for free. I love Gmail and it’s the best thing to ever come from Google (aside from their search).

With Google’s foray into Android, they have clearly begun taking shots at Apple and the iPhone. At the keynote speech Google’s VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra took some time to jab at Apple and their “vision”. I love how both of these companies are vying for the spotlight. Healthy competition only benefits consumers in the end. It’s a great time to consider jumping into the smartphone market.

However, we know not to count out Steve Jobs and Apple. Vic’s blatant jab at Steve might come back to bite Google in the butt as Apple’s 2010 WWDC is just around the corner. And we all know what is going to be announced then that will wipe the headlines clean of any Google-related story: the iPhone 4G.

Watch the video below and check it out for yourself. Is it me, or do all presentations nowadays try to emulate the Apple “style” of keynotes?


  • gtasscarlo

    Steve jobs is not gonna like the control attack, which is true but many of the main features i use on my 3gs is google like maps,and voice search with gps locater really helps me when doing quick searches, watch jobs attack google by switching to yahoo or bing

  • One thing for sure, is to never mess with Steve Jobs. He will hold it
    against you. If you checked out some of the live streaming videos on
    YouTube from the Google I/O, there was constant Apple 'bashing' to the
    point where it made Google look pretty weak.

    The Jobs counterattack at WWDC 2010 will be fun to watch.

  • dillyh

    I've been a loyal Apple fanboy for years, but about a month ago I moved down to the US for work. My plan was to wait for the new iPhone, but I took a gamble and picked up an HTC Incredible.

    Wow, was I ever happy that I did that.

    After using my iPhone 3G for 2 years, it's been amazing to have a fresh new platform to use on my phone. Open applications, widgets, mega customizability, wicked-fast and responsive OS. This thing has it all. And the Google Voice integration gives me free calls and texts to Canada, integrated right into the phone. Also, everything out of the box just worked. Give it your Gmail address and it all syncs, no cables, no nothing.

    I'll still be using my MacBook, Apple TV (for now) and Time Capsule. But Google has won me over on the mobile front.

  • Gtasscarlo

    Vic was doing a Steve jobs presenation style there was a MacBook and a ipad but he was bashing apple, now Steve jobs is gonna put “google”as evil and switch to yahoo just like he bans adobe

  • LOL, yeah that was cute seeing the Macbook right on stage. It
    should've been a Dell.

  • djepsilon

    Pardon my french but… Fuck Google.

  • Google does some great things. I just don't find it necessary for them
    to start negative campaigns against companies like Apple. Just stick
    to creating innovative apps online or what have you.

    Google = next Microsoft?

  • I love Apple products, but with their recent App Store terms of service changes, squabbles with Adobe, and general iron-fist approach to their products and software.. It really should be Apple = next Microsoft.

  • There's a difference though Microsoft doesn't innovate they just create vaporware and are always on the late bus with keeping up with the industry (ie their new hotmail).

  • mackman6151

    yes its true what Steve said that “Apple didn't venture into the search market, but google ventured into the smartphone market”, but i really don't see a point in Steve Jobs' initial negative comments towards google. that wasn't too bright. a large chunk of potential apple consumers are apple fanboys (i.e. microsoft haters) and if Jobs actually removed google's algorithm in spotlight and replaced it with Bing they'd go apenuts! google is not a company they want enemies with. the fact htey entered smartphone market is redundant because its an open market and competition is healthy…..furthermore if Steve Jobs really went the route of “boycotting google products” in his products he would have to remove the native YouTube app that comes with iPhone OS, and that would REALLY piss people off 😛

  • djepsilon

    I completely agree. As far as the web goes, Google is great. But I don't understand why now Apple has all of a sudden become the competition for them. Apple is first and foremost a hardware company – which Google is not. I am a little shocked that they are trying to compete now with AppleTV and iTunes. As a business direction it almost doesn't make sense for Google. I guess only time will tell…

    In the meantime, Vic Gundotra is a Steve Jobs wannabe douche.

  • I love it when some company or person starts take shots at Apple: all the fanboys circle the wagons and cry fowl. And when Jobs gets up and blows his nose those same people want to see the results and hail it as “revolutionary”.

    There doesn't seem to be that many people who like Apple but are also critical of them too. Apple is not perfect. They need people like Google and Microsoft so that they don't become complacent. Android has a lot of strengths that I think Apple should emulate (better customization, wireless sync, less of a rigidly controlled marketplace, etc). People also need to be critical of Apple and not just feed their ego, so to speak.

    We've already seen Android gain more marketshare in the US in the smartphone market over iPhone (Apple's self-serving., attempted deflection of the results as a response aside). If Apple was smart it would take the high-road and make OS 4.0 better than Froyo because right now… I'm just not seeing it.

  • dw4lsh

    Wow man you sure are making me have second thoughts about the next iPhone. I really my current iPhone 3GS had better integration with Google products, such as bookmarks and obviously, GMail…

  • I saw the Froyo 2.2 vs iPhone OS 3.2 on the iPad speed test. Froyo blew away the iPad. This demonstration in itself should push Apple to add further improvements and features to iPhone OS 4.0.

    But as much as we 'want' features from Apple…they are on their own course for what they believe is the best user experience in the end. Personally, I would welcome more customization of my iPhone. I mean really, having the SAME SMS notifications is a pain in the butt when you're in a crowd of people with iPhones.

    With that being said though, the iPhone OS is simple and easy to use plus iPhone backups are pretty sweet. Sometimes too much customization can be overwhelming so it really comes down to the user to choose what phone/device meets their needs.

  • I first saw Vic Gundotra when he was hosting Conan O'Brien when he was visiting Google. It was at that moment Vic left me with a creepy feeling and he weirded out Conan too! Check out the clip:

  • djepsilon

    LOL! Anyone wanting to watch a nerd try to upstage Conan O'Brien should watch that video. Seriously, the guy seems like he's trying to “out funny” Conan with his terrible jokes! I don't think nerd boy likes not being the center of attention!

    …Man, this Vic guy is even more of a D-bag then I thought!

  • Haha…honestly though, I felt bad for Conan as he had to deal with
    Vic at Google. Conan definitely showed these “googlers” that he is the

    The best part is when he owned them about serving him bottled

  • Haha…honestly though, I felt bad for Conan as he had to deal with
    Vic at Google. Conan definitely showed these “googlers” that he is the

    The best part is when he owned them about serving him bottled