The iPhone 4 Launch in Canada Delayed to July 28th?


We previously reported that Apple will be launching the iPhone 4 in Canada on July 23rd, as this rumoured date is when employees were not allowed to book time off. Some new developments have emerged. Our tipster has updated us that employees who had originally been denied a day off on the 23rd have now had their holiday requests fulfilled.

Spanish Carrier Movistar Tweets a July 28th iPhone Launch

Some further developments have emerged in Spain when Spanish carrier Movistar tweeted that the iPhone 4 will be available on July 28th.

This day would fall on a Wednesday, which is not a “typical” day Apple would launch a new product. Usually all iPhone launches happen on Fridays (except this year’s iPhone 4 launched on a Thursday in the USA). Here’s a look back in time:

iPhone 2G (USA only): Friday, June 29th, 2007
iPhone 3G: Friday, July 11, 2008
iPhone 3GS: Friday, June 19th, 2009
iPhone 4 (USA+others): Thursday, June 24, 2010
iPhone 4 (Canada+others): Thursday/Friday, July ?, 2010

There’s been some recent chatter from our sources that the launch has indeed been delayed, as the July 23rd date is looking less likely to happen. The launch is slated for either for July 28th as tweeted by Movistar, or July 30th, the remaining Friday in July.

Steve Jobs even confirmed via email that the iPhone 4 has not been delayed in Canada (don’t forget our iPhone 4 price predictions). The second batch of countries are slated to receive the iPhone 4 by the “end of July”. Time is running out in July, which means the iPhone 4 is just around the corner. As for iPhone 4 pre-orders, we could hear something very soon from Rogers (as discovered by Chantelle Joy!), Telus and Bell.

Poll: Will you pre-order the iPhone 4 once it is available?


  • Barbarina

    um what?? I hate these yo-yo decisions! I already had the morning of the 23rd booked off! Now I have to change it?? arg… apple.. your killing me.

  • Why would you book that morning off when nothing has been confirmed by Apple? That's hardly their fault.

  • Hybrids

    I agree with Exifan. The consumer is never going to change and big corporations rely on this. Hope all you junkies keep buying the next iPhone. Wonder what the iPhone 38 is going to include. Tele-transportation.

    Surf on over to Click on a few of the sponsored links that interest you.

  • Half_Pint


  • WILL


  • Gangsta

    Stupid thing cant even play flash without a jb. Because Steve wants to baby you.

  • Exifan

    You sheep will buy anything with an apple on the back. Why has no one revolted that their beloved god has released a product with a problem that they have admited to, and are not goin to do anything about? A software issue? That's like having squeaky brakes and he dealership says your keys need to be reprogrammed. He treats you like stupid children and you love it. Stop being mindless zombies.

  • Daniel_b

    This site is so pregidous towards apple. I find you don't really report any of the facts.. Just what you want to believe. You are like that news station that is owned by a political party and clearly has an agenda. A true sell out

  • Warren2010

    Its so you cant play flash games online! Apple would lose too much money and they wouldn't force you to but games from the app store. They own the monopoly.. And they want Nazi control over you

  • MAtt

    Sounds like someone can't wait to pre-order.

  • Guest

    Because they have nothing else in life to look forward too

  • Cpilk

    Truth be told, as a Grad student atm, I don't have anything else in life to look forward to.

  • Anonymous

    Huh? Did you not notice this blog is run buy people who love the iPhone? Why would someone start an iPhone fan site, and then not talk about how much they like the iPhone?! Maybe you were looking for

  • Winston Sih

    I wonder if Apple will make the announcement at the same time for their carrier unlocked phones alongside Rogers, Bell and TELUS.

  • Teerapong53

    I hope iPhone 4 launch 23rd July in CA

  • Cnote

    Noone is forcing anyone to buy the phone. You all know full well there is no flash.

    Wow, what's with all the haters today?!

  • Matt

    Are you seriously trying to hold a blog to the same standards as a news station?

    You couldn't spell prejudice so I'm not all that shocked really.

  • My Rogers employee friend told me pricing and release date will be announced July 16th. We will know soon!

  • Noahattic

    i love iphone. but i am not sure if i will buy a iphone 4. i need to make sure they fix the antennas issuse before i take out my money. that’s all. i just wanna be responsible for my hard earned money.

    someone questioned why lots of people who have iphone don’t meet the problem at all? i suggest you guys to read these two articles.

    at this point, i don’t trust engadget news about iphone 4. they are now just like apple PR department covering apple’s ass.

  • djepsilon

    Umm… Check the name of the site…. This isn't engadget or gizmodo bud. It's a FAN site created for apple fans by apple fans. If you don't like it, don't come here.

    Sent from my iPad

  • djepsilon

    It's probably the same troll just posting under different names…

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 Canada release date was just announced!!

  • Trollguy

    I am not a troll, I am a man dammit! And the site is called iphoneincanada .. I didn't know that meant fan site. I thought it meant news site. I'm sorry to be a hater but what is it exactly.. Hardware wise.. That makes it better than an evo 4g? And especially the ability to use flash on a site? Will all of you still purchase this product knowing full well there is a flawed design issue that apple is passing the buck on? I'm just curious to find out how pathetic you are

  • SteveJobbs

    Do any of you know why you are dying so much to get the phone? What are you going to do after you get it? I heard they're coming out with a 64gb version soon. Don't slit your wrists when this happens please. Maybe.. Relax. Retire. Spend time with loved ones. It's only a a phone

  • excaliburca

    Usually the announcements are two weeks before a release… it wouldn't surprise me for a July 28th launch… which would suck for me at least but what can ya do.

  • excaliburca

    Ummmm… the site's name is “iPhone in *Canada*”. Of course they're going to report on stuff like this. And it said this was a rumor.

    Stop trolling, no-one appreciates it.

  • rorypiper

    Ahahaha. Must…Buy…..Apple….Products….. Arrrrrgg

    Why would you be reading this blog if you weren't interested in the iPhone yourself? We've seen a bunch of videos showing some issues with iPhone 4, but what about the millions of others who have had no issues at all?

  • CZS

    Your friend is lying to you. I work for rogers and there has been no date set on when pricing or release date will be announced.

  • Oshawapilot

    I smell a troll.

    Someone on an iPhone website posting crap about iPhones. If that's not the definition of troll, I don't know what is.

    Go hide under your rock again, please.

  • Haha. Fine. If that's what you think. You're customer service and he's in product marketing. I wonder who would know first.
    July 16. You'll see. I'll post a reply to this with an I told you so.

  • TRoller

    Well sir, I had a 3G. Upgraded to 3GS. Now I want(ed) a iPhone 4 but I am seriously disappointed with the list of improvements. This phone is already playing catch up as far as specs. Within a few months it will be behind the curve. I was expecting something revolutionary. Not slightly better. Apple always just seems like they're dicks because I feel like they hold people back on purpose to baby them? I'm not sure the reason. But I can tell you i am fed up with no flash, fed up with their snide remarks about the affected issue with reception, exasperated that they would make it look like the phone has better reception than it does. And what makes it worse is how people just accept it and still love it for no other reason than its the new iPhone. I am an apple iPhone user who is seriously disappointed and I would hope that fan sites like this would stand up and represent what should be goin on with this unrevolutionary new product

  • AA

    How certain is your friend? Like is it something hear heard around work, or is it for sure? Has him to take a picture with his phone, of an email or something with proof. That would be awesome for everyone! And would prob make you a god around here, haha

  • rorypiper

    Well said, but this is all a matter of opinion. A lot of people still love the iPhone, but it sounds like you're ready to move on. You shouldn't criticize others for wanting to stick with it. A fan site, by definition, is dedicated to the fans of something. If I ever become anti-Apple, I would simply stop writing articles about them, and move on to something else.

  • brattnews

    hahaha well its smart business for them. why should they keep adding so many improvements when so many people will eagerly buy the phone regardless? its best for them to slowly trickle out improvements in each new iphone

  • rorypiper

    It's not all about the hardware. It's more about iOS 4 and the App Store. The hardware upgrade is a nice perk.

  • rorypiper

    Ha “'s only a phone”. I think the Phone is the app I use the least on my iPhone.

  • Mattjones

    LOL fuck you

  • djepsilon

    Did anyone even say that the iPhone was better then the EVO?

    You have to realize that the people on this site are mostly Apple enthusiasts… and really, that's OK. That's THEIR opinion. For myself personally, I want an iPhone because it is the best device FOR ME. I am not a sheep, nor ignorant. I know my choices and I choose Apple because I am free to do so. As for you, no one is putting a gun to your head making you buy, or even read about an iPhone 4. As far as the lack of flash and design flaws you speak of, Jobs said it best at D8… “If we succeed, they'll buy them! If we don't, we won't sell any. And I have to say, people seem to be liking the iPad!”. I think the same can be said for the iPhone as well. If it was as shit as you say it is, people wouldn't be buying them. Period. That doesn't seem to be happening so far.

    So I think the REAL question is, how pathetic are will you be as you wait for the EVO to come to Canada?


  • qwerty

    You are so right!!!!! So many sheep and not enough free thinkers!!!!! I'm gonna pass on this iPhone 4G, history will show that it is a bad design. Apple will also only release the software update after it's released internationally everywhere. This will maximize there sales and the update will do nothing to help the antenna issue. Hook line and sinker!!!!!

  • Vartanarsen

    oh really?? do you work in Sales?

  • I wish he could. He didn't say anything else and he sure as hell won't give me an email. Sorry I can't back this up. It's just a rumor to you, that's fine.

  • Guest

    Wow exifan.. you yourself is a “sheep” that seems to “heard” together like the rest here only to bash apple at what ever costs. Apple admits to a software issue, a simple miscalculation that only incorrectly displays the incorrect number of service bars. It is not like a mechanic reprogramming keys to fix squeaky brakes. Quit being so arrogant, apple is the best in the business.

  • Queerty

    OMIGAWD SO RIGHT! words that only sheep would utter.

  • Wow

    Ya great point unrevolutionary…………….. quit being so stupid!!! Its the newest gadget on the market, if that is not revolutionary then what is you dumbfuck

  • MikeWantsAnIphone

    So I go on the site and click on buy an iPhone 4.

    It says “Ships: 3 weeks” !!!!

  • Guestistupd

    Ok smart ass. Why would they “mistakenly” have their phones show better reception than they actually do? Oops let's trick people because were advertising this as the best reception phone ever. Well sorry. I bit them in the ass. There is still a hardware problem.. Its just that people thought they had 5 bars but really had 2. Covering that bar will still degrade reception. Please know your facts before you make yourself look foolish. Believe the hype. Be a yes man.

  • Guest

    Actually I checked Webster. That's not the definition. I have been an iPhone user since 3G. I have a right to voice my opinion. You are the definition of someone who is a bitch and won't stand up for what you believe in. And if you truly think how apple has been treating this situation is correct, you should be ashamed or yourself.

  • Draz

    July 16th with a release date of July 30th? Makes sense. But hopefully it is sooner 😛
    And with pre-orders this time around!

  • qwerty

    Do you believe everything Apple tells you? It's not a software issue it's a hardware issue. Please get yourself informed before you make comments. If I didn't know any better I'd say you work for Apple. If you truly believe Apples official comments on the reception issue then you truly are one of Steve's sheep.

  • Troll

    Never said I was waiting for the evo 4 dj aka lawyer aka iPhone fanboy. I just think it's aboaultely remarkable how people can still stay so devoted to a product and turn a blind eye when they want to believe in something. I bet you also like Sarah Palin. Anyways. Keep bowing down to Steve jobs while he treats you like an child. And lies to you and keeps limitations on you. And tries to trick you with more reception bars than you actualy should have. I'm not trying to change Antibes mind. Hell, I'm gonna get the new iPhone but even you fanboys have to admit to yourself your buying a slight flawed product. I just wish you had the guts to stick up for yourself and ensure that what your getting is nothing less than perfection!

  • Draz

    You mean Gizmodo? I don't think Gizmodo is covering Apple's ass and why would they after the whole “Lost iPhone” saga. They just report anything and everything, doesn't matter if its good or bad for Apple =)
    Whereas Engadget is more or less reporting 'nice' Apple news.

    And going back to your links, I do agree that the antenna issue is a problem, some say Apple should be providing bumper cases for free. And I do agree but even so I wouldn't use it as I would be buying another case.

    Great links tho thanks!

  • Guestistupdisstupd

    I do have my facts straight but the antenna flaw is a non issue… my iphone will be protected by a case, therefore protecting my fingers from bridging the gap. Get your facts straight.

  • Adrian

    All these antenna issues are coming from the US. My friend is using a iPhone in Canada that he bought in the UK and it works just find. Also my friend in France and Japan say they have no antenna issue. The problem here is AT&T….THEY SUCK

  • Martydom

    Ok so because it doesn't affect you means that it's not really there. How do you explain the fact that they decided to misrepresent the amount of bars displayed? A simple human error I'm sure? Just like you were when you were conceived.

  • Drkevorkian

    No sir, you are incorrect. Partially anyways. The signal will still degrade when your hands are on the lower side of the phone with the antenna. However, you are correct in the fact that these issues are being NOTICED due to AT&T network. People thought they had 5 bara because apple decided to “accidentally” mirepresent the actual signal level in order to make the phone seem as though it has excellent reception in most areas. Unfortunately, these people who should have 2 bars or 1 bar were seeing 3-5 bars. Thus, when the antenna is touched, the signal degrades, as is designed to do with every phone according to apple, the signal degrades to a point where both voice and data transmission because intermittent. This same issue will still occur in japan and canada if you have a poor signal.

  • Adrian

    the signal may drop but no one i know has had dropped calls. the networks in japan and here are better.(even if rogers bell and telus are $%*&holes)

  • Jus

    Since there has never been a pre-order here in Ontario for iPhones, what are the chances we get to pre-order this time around?

  • Haha

    Absolutely. The SIGNAL is better. Still an issue with the phone/design itself. If we had the same network as them we would all be a lot more pissed. No matter which way you split it. The hardware flaw still exists

  • Winston Sih

    That's what I'm wondering…

  • Adrian

    true…i still plan on getting a white iPhone though

  • qwerty

    Your hilarious “the antenna flaw is a non issue” You admit its a flaw but then say it's a non issue. OxyMoron!!!!! When you pay for something as expensive as an iPhone with your hard earned money you shouldn't have to put a case on it to prevent the gap from bridging. But then again maybe your mommy and daddy are paying for it so who cares right?!

  • mackman6151

    as much as i love the iPhone i gotta disagree. if it were as simple as a software miscalculation as they claim…and that “the iphone shows 2 more service bars than there really is” would mean that when holding the iphone “wrong” goes to “no service” then that would mean the iphone is really at a double negative “no service” meaning it really had LESS than zero service lol…..i bet if u put any other phone in that area from the same carrier (includign previous iphones) you would still get service….that cannot be a software issue. neither can the fact that as soon as u release your hands service magically comes back.

    either way i need a ew phone my 3g is slow as fuck (and ios4 is buggy as hell on it)… gonan get the iphone 4 regardless so i can get the $30/6gb plan i missed out on in the past lol. hopefully it wont be that bad.

  • barbarina

    because Im not going to just take no actions at all in case I did have to work that morning…
    And never once did I say it was Apple's fault.

  • Vartanarsen

    I hope Steve is beating the lights out of some of those chinese workers at Foxconn…..they were screwing up on the 1st couple of batches….Defects (not talking about the death grip issue…but so many other defects)…No SIM Card errors, loose home button, ratlling sleep button, yellow screen, etc.etc, just read the Apple Forums.

    Anyway, i hope Steve went there and started whipping some of those workers to not screw up…maybe thats why we are waiting long…..

  • Guest

    Your comment was somewhat credible up until the last sentence. Grow up. If you hate Apple so much, get lost and find something more productive to do with your time and stop bothering people who don't care about your opinion anyway.

  • Guest

    You're an arrogant ass. Enjoy your semi-fame around here, once we all have our iPhone 4's no one will care about your snobby ginger ass.

  • Noahattic

    nooo, i actually meant engadget is covering Apple's ass, like i said i don't trust engadget about iphone 4 at this particular point. Gizmodo has been fair about Apple these days with no doubt.

    i'd like to mention our south neighbor has started a legal war against Apple & AT&T about a series of issues, including unlocking the iphones after the contracts expire. what do u guys think? i think maybe we should do somthing, 2.

    btw, engadget doesn't even give a s*** about this……

  • Holy smokes, I know the Summer weather has finally arrived, but did it bring in some angry people as well?

    Chill out everyone! Don't feed the trolls. 🙂

  • Vartanarsen

    thats the US site. That just means orders are being shipped within 3 weeks of order (said the same thing last week and the week before)……………..has nothing to do with Canadian release date.

  • Noahattic

    what's funny is i've been anti-apple since i had a iphone 3g. i love iphone so much, but the way this company is doing just make me sick. they just want to take out all your money from your pocket. no to mention they are accompanying with our lovely rogers..etc….

    i've switched to android for about 1 year and i'm super happy with it. it has so much potential to do whatever u want to do with your phone, btw i'm doing internet tethering without paying a penny. that's what a phone costed u $600 should do.

    the reason i still give iphone 4 a shot is the touching experience on the iphone is far better than android. this makes the phone usable….. however, the antennas issue makes the word usable sound like a joke…

  • Yuriy

    In my opinion if you earned money for an iphone u will keep it in case.
    So u r spoiled brat not him)))

  • Jen


  • Jj

    still on the flash? flash is stupid, get over it.

  • Guest

    oh wow, someone needs some love.

  • Soccerfan10td

    Its true, but what choice do we have in canada to compete with Iphone 4. Trust me if the evo 4g was in canada i would buy that. What are some of the major smartphones we have in Canada. Xperia x10? Blackberry bold? Acer? HTC dream or magic? Can those phones compete with the iphone 4?

  • Bdobson

    People. Stop feeding the troll. If you ignore them they go away.

  • Bdobson

    So I take you're an RF engineer then are you? Great. Can you please post some technical reasons as to what the problems are? That is, unless you've obtained your knowledge from reading blog posts and things. But that cannot be then can it?

  • Whiterhino14

    Why do so many people who don't want an iphone and don't like Apple post on this site?
    The site isn't called ( Androids in canada ) Go play on the Android sites. That way you and the other 10 people who prefer Android can go on and on about how great Android is and not feel so bad about your purchase.
    It must be the same yahoos who say that Vista and Ms 7 are better than Mac OS….. You silly, silly monkey's
    Honestly, PISS OFF!

  • atta0

    A telus representative was talking about August 3rd for their own release date. I'm guessing it's gonna be sold unlocked at the Apple Store and Telus is gonna be a bit late.

  • atta0

    telus has the iphone too…. and bell…. and most carriers now

  • Mr. Mac

    Hopeful Addendum:
    Apple US release date: Thursday June, 24
    AT&T US release date: Tuesday June 29
    Notice the 5 day difference between the carrier and Apple.
    Movistar (Spanish carrier for 2nd round release): Wednesday July 28
    Subtract 5 days and you get: Friday July 23rd for Apple Spain (and hopefully Apple Canada) the original guess
    I was in the US during the release and I held up my iPhone 3GS against the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 screen makes the 3GS screen look pretty bad. The photos also looked way better, though I didn't download them to a computer.

  • ryancoke

    I plan to buy an iphone4 and it will be the first apple product I have ever owned. I'm a windows fan (other than windows mobile which sucks) and I don't like most apple products. But the iphone is just so damn good (even with the minor issues) I plan on buying a case for the iphone anyway so antenna issues or not, makes no difference to me.

  • Brunul

    It's unbelievable the level of smart-assness and hostility happening everywhere comments are allowed all over the web. Swamped with personal insults, attacks. This “I'm right and you're wrong” endless argument. If you want a freakin' iPhone 4 then good for you. If you don't want one, great. Whatever. Just keep it yourself and take a chill pill.

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  • Alexis

    If you simply can't see all the raw potential of this new device then this is not for you. I agree that there are a couple things that can be corrected. But honestly, I personally think that it will change everything yet again. Can't wait to see it come out in Canada!! Soon you will see.

  • Smartass

    You're stupid. You don't have to be an RF engineer. Apple has already agreed that there is an issue. They claim it's software related. Don't think you're smart.. Please it's not a good look for you. The real reason is that apple tried to make their phone look like it has more bars. As apple says, covering any phones antenna will reduce reception. It just so happens that this antenna is in a spot that most hands cover naturally, causing this issue to be noticeable on weaker networks such as AT&T

  • Whiterhino14

    Consumer Reports in the US is not giving the iPhone 4 a passing grade. They tested three phones and all had problems with the antenna. It's looks like it really isn't something software patches can fix. I'm really starting to doubt that Canada is going to see the iPhone 4 this month. It's the 12th and still no word from any reliable source.
    It could be that of these negative reports are making Apple hesitant to do another mass release. Either way I'd like to know one way or the other.

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  • pauljmacdonald

    If you don't like the phone… DON'T BUY ONE!!!

    If you bought one and have problems with the desigh… RETURN IT!!!

    All this whining is ridiculous! And to sue over the issues when you can simply return your “defective” product is beyond ridiculous!

  • Scissors251983

    i was told at a rogers store by the maneger the iphone 4 will be realeased july 10 lol its july 14th and, nothing lol

  • Jonathan

    There is been more than 41 million Iphone sold since 2007 without thinking about the iTouch, at the retail price that they are I am sure that some people bought is cause it’s simply the best. We are talking more than the total population of Canada, so you negative thinkers that are too poor to buy it stop being jealous and move on…

  • Anderson_46

    Apple preorder in the USA was June 15 released June 24, 9 days before launch. If we can't pre order starting tomorrow the release date probably isn't July 23 ?

  • Anderson_46

    Apple USA pre order June 15 9 days later June 24th release. If we can't pre order starting tomorrow than the release date probably isn't June 23 ?

  • Sam

    @Scissors251983 – Dude Couple days ago at Rogers store they told me that the phone will be delayed for mid of August….. I don't believe any1 and anything anymore …. just waiting

  • IPhone lover

    Your phone, loser… is not doing a fraction of what an Iphone can do. Your miserable Windows runned computer had been a victim of hackers for years and will continue to be. Keep buying products from Microsoft and not seeing yourself as an idiot ? Very little insight as I can understand.

  • Emii

    Uhumm, every device has flaws! And people buy those anyways. Why are some people so huffy about apple? I don't particularily worship apple any more than the other competing companies but I DO respect them as a business. And, I must say that I really like the Iphone as a phone. Then again, I find PCs more useful to me than Macs. Just because someone likes a company's device, doesn't mean they are married to that company. You don't know anything about these people who do like Iphones- you don't have the right to call us mindless zombies. You're the one being ignorant for behaving as if you completely know what's going on in everyone's heads.