The Next iPhone Competitor: The PlayStation Phone?!


The major smartphone platforms that dominate the scene currently are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. The ‘hardware spec’ wars can only go so far, as mobile processors have allowed us to churn out some incredibly powerful smartphones.

Hardware manufacturers are installing Android’s OS into their ‘innovative’ designs. One new phone that’s coming is the PlayStation Phone, as pictures were first revealed late yesterday by Engadget. What made me interested in this device was the reminiscent sight of a slider console controller (omg–buttons!). Real gaming with physical buttons still cannot be beat. Could the PlayStation phone be a true competitor to the iPhone?

From Engadget:

It’s hard to believe that what we’re looking at is real — but we assure you, the picture above is in fact the PlayStation Phone you’ve long been waiting for. As we reported back in August, the device you see is headed into the market soon, likely boasting Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread), along with a custom Sony Marketplace which will allow you to purchase and download games designed for the new platform. The device snapped up top (and in our gallery below) is sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 (a chip similar to the one found in the G2, but 200MHz faster), 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and the screen is in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches. Looking almost identical to the mockup we hit you with this summer, the handset does indeed have a long touchpad in the center which is apparently multitouch, and you can see in the photos that it’s still bearing those familiar PlayStation shoulder buttons. For Sony buffs, you’ll be interested to know that there’s no Memory Stick slot here, but there is support for microSD cards.

Portable game companies such as Sony and Nintendo have lost marketshare to new smaller apps available from mobile stores such as Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. If traditional gaming companies want to compete in this field, the creation of a smartphone could help them get consumers back into portable gaming.

The president of Nintendo America admitted that Apple poses more a threat to them than Microsoft when it comes to the gaming war. Casual gaming on smartphones appear to be big money makers. Gone are the days of paying $40-50 for one game. A $0.99 purchase of Angry Birds will bring you satisfaction and some more.

Would you buy the PlayStation Phone? Do people even play with their PSP and DS Lites anymore?



  • Junior Cortorreal

    Looks awesome but don’t know if I would change from my iPhone 4.

  • iP4Crazy

    I used to play with my psp till the day I got my iPhone 4. Depending on the hardware specs (screen res, batt life, ect) I would easily replace my iPhone 4.

  • I the same as ip4crazy I even have a psp go and a hacked psp slim 2000 which sits and collects dust for over a year now. The price for psp game based on quality is terrible, most of which are enhanced ps1 games or cut down ps2 games. For any reason if I did drop my iPhone for another I may look in to it. My only concern is with the slide out controls, how thick is this phone going to be exactly? Who wants to carry a brick in their pocket. It today’s market slim and sexy wins. So I’m interested how it turns out

  • Pommelgaie

    I don’t know. Although it looks like a great gaming device it depends on why people buy their iPhone. I mean if they only use it for games then certainly but there are thousands of other apps that a device that is unlikely to support. Not to mention the games will probably not be able to compete price wise to apples.

  • Noone

    i would never give up my ip4 for one of these!

  • Cgomboc

    It would totally depend on the android market and Sony’s market.

  • Xywix

    my psp is moded and i still dont use it much…barely at all, & since i got my ip4 i barely use my own computer anymore!

  • Nfpdes

    I’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is in talks to acquire Sony.

  • ward09

    I won’t give up my iPhone, but I would definitely get this, if they have a non-phone “touch” version. I love my PSP, but wish it had real apps and WiFi internet.

  • ward09

    …WiFi internet with a proper browser, that is. 😉

  • Dom

    I’ll never let go my iPhone4 and iPad for this …

  • Anonymous

    As an aside, I wonder if you can argue that the decline of $40-50 and the rising popularity of $0.99 games is indicative of a society that is slowly becoming less intelligent? The higher priced games normally are more complicated while the cheap app games are much simpler in most cases.

    Just a thought.

  • Demosthenesx

    If 99¢ games were becoming the norm on consoles and computers, I might agree. But so far it only seems to extend to handhelds, which makes sense. I don’t play games on my iPhone because I’m looking for a deep, immersive experience. Handhelds generally don’t provide that, anyway. I play games on my iPhone to kill time, in lineups and waiting rooms.

    A 99¢ game does that as well as a $50 game. Better, in many respects, as you don’t need to become immersed in the game, which is hard when you’re playing a few minutes here and there.

    And there’s no reason that intelligent games can’t be inexpensive. Trainyard, as an example, requires some degree of critical thinking, yet it only a few dollars. Now if we were talking about games like Fingervilla, otoh…

  • Talhakirani

    Can’t wait till this comes out going to buy straight away

  • I would respectful disagree. Take a look at games like Cut the Rope and TrainYard. They aren’t exactly “easy”. The iOS platform allows for more innovative games that take advantage of multitouch controls.

  • Frankphotoman

    Just the fact it’s Android based tells me it’s not gonna go far. They have to catch up with a competition that’s ahead by 3 years and much more standardized and uniform than Android market, not to mention an AppStore that’s got 300k apps and growing everyday.

  • Jorelle

    Android…+ a Playstation that can play older PS1 games (which I love). I would sell my iPhone for this.

  • Anonymous

    My PSP is also modded and I only play it for a handful of games. I will always play my DS for the Pokemon games.