The Rise of Apple By The Numbers [Infographic]


Apple’s growth since 2007 has been staggering. has created an infographic and passed it along to us that shows the mind-boggling numbers Apple has been able to produce recently. Check it out below:

Apple infographic
Sortable Apple by the Numbers


  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Apple sucks yo android FTW

  • Android is awesome!


  • Accordxtc

    Owning both iPhone 4 and Asus Prime I have to say both have pros and cons, the biggest is Android not charging for some apps like Apple does or having the freedom to load files without having to use a program like iTunes, flash support too he he

  • Both have their merits, it comes down to what you prefer. Apps made for iOS just seem to be better.

  • Bbbb

    omg why dont people marry apple?

  • Agree

  • JMCD23

    I only agree with this if you include Cydia apps. Otherwise it’s a big nope on the apps! Device/OS wise, preference for sure.