The White iPhone 4 Has Arrived In Canada!


Our inbox is exploding!

We are receiving hundreds of tips that the white iPhone 4 has not only arrived at various retailers across Canada, but is actually being sold!

We have received employee confirmation that Apple Stores across Canada have received the white iPhone 4 and are set to launch the device tomorrow morning!

Other confirmed stores are various wireless retailers, such as Virgin Mobile and Bell Mobility and larger electronic retailers such as Best Buy and Future Shop which have all received and are selling the white iPhone 4.

For those in downtown Vancouver, BC, the Granville Street Future Shop is selling the white iPhone 4 on a first-come, first-served basis! Apple Stores to follow soon!

If a local retailer to you is selling the white iPhone 4, send in your photos!



  • Hammy

    The last time something this trivial got so much attention was when the world was introduced to the
    Pet Rock.

  • IPhone5

    Wow I would just wait 5more months and buy IPhone 5 than this……

  • Hugh

    Does Best Buy and FutureShop sell them Factory Unlocked?

  • Jonduke

    Man, I can’t wait for it to be out already so I don’t have to see 20 posts about it on this site…

  • Hyperextension

    No they do not. Factory unlocked can only be purchased at the Apple Store. That is how it was for the black iPhone4. If you do get one, make sure they do not ring up your SIM card on the same bill or else it will be locked to that carrier.

  • Hugh

    Thanks for The ip. So on the receipt, it has to say ” No Contract Sim” right?

  • Ahaha. Maybe we can finally stop reading about this everyday. 😛

  • Never! 😉

  • Can’t wait for it to get to Singapore…

  • Ex


  • Solomon

    I’m waiting right now in front of apple store in Ottawa. No lineup yet, but few people are sitting around.

  • Musumekiller

    too late!!

  • Anonymous

    WHOOP DEE DOO! (in a VERY sarcastic tone)