Apple to Add Third-Gen iPad to the ‘Vintage and Obsolete’ Product List


Every since its release, the third-generation iPad was given the “New iPad” moniker, however, it seems as if Apple is throwing in the towel on the tablet.

According to an internal memo distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers (via MacRumors), Apple intends to add the third-generation iPad to its vintage and obsolete products list on October 31, 2017, five years after production for the tablet ended.

The memo states that both Wi-Fi and cellular models will be cut from the list of officially supported devices.

That means that if you’ve got one of the ageing tablets, Apple’s official repair channels are no longer obligated to service the devices, with the exceptions being the state of California and Turkey, where legal differences apply.

“In California, for example, third-generation iPad owners may still obtain service from Apple Stores or by contacting Apple support at 1-800-APL-CARE,” reads the report. “The extended coverage period will likely end in October 2019.”

The third-generation iPad was the last to feature Apple’s 30-pin charging connector, as well as the wider bezel design that was axed with the arrival of the iPad Air.

The model was a very short-lived production for the Cupertino company, overtaken a mere 7 months later by the fourth-generation model, which featured the Lightning connector. The third-gen model did, however, introduce Apple’s “Retina Display” to the tablet line.


  • MAB

    The 4th gen Ipad had the wider bezel also…

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Naming was crazy back when the fourth iPad came out:
    The old iPad 3, which had a Retina display was named “The New iPad”
    The new iPad 4 was called “iPad with Retina display” which, of course, the iPad 3 already had!
    So the comedy routine would go something like this:
    “Hey, do you sell the new iPad?”
    “Yes we do, here is the iPad 3”
    OK, I mean the “iPad with Retina display”
    Well, it has a Retina display.
    Yeah, but I mean the iPad 4
    Oh! You mean the “iPad with Retina display”! Why didn’t you say so!

  • Lol

  • FragilityG4

    It did! I still have one and it has lightning too.