This iOS 7 Concept Envisions Redesigned Apps, Interface [VIDEO]


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With WWDC 2013 announced for June 10-14 this morning, all eyes are on Apple to see what the next version of iOS will bring. Brazilian Rafael Justino has released a new iOS 7 concept video to show off redesigned applications and a new interface for Apple’s mobile operating system. Here’s the video description below:

iOS 7 Concept – Agente Apple

Concept based on the simple design of Jonathan Ive and many other concepts and rumors about iOS 7. This concept was made by a Brazilian, Rafael Justino (@ rafael01justino). This concept focuses on the refurbishment of some applications which are with the outdated design of its interface.

Check it out and tell me what you think. The emphasis of his concept shows off a simple and flat design with a new powerful Notification Center:

Lately, a plethora of other iOS 7 concepts have been released, heightening the expectations Apple will hopefully introduce its biggest changes to iOS yet.

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  • kameko

    that wasn’t an example of flat design at all. buttons were still large candy-sheened gradients. column separators were still beveled. lots of things just all over the place.

  • A (somewhat) clean theme, but not flat. Not a fan of the widgets at all… betrays the concept of iOS entirely. The Contacts functionality update is really nice.

  • wstoneman

    What does having the ability to turn on wifi and location services on the lock screen do?

  • WatDah

    I honestly do not know a single person that turns wifi off on their phones.