This is How Santa Uses Siri in Apple’s Latest TV Commercial


Apple this morning uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. The latest TV ad features a special person utilizing Siri for the holidays–Santa Claus!

Siri can help anyone get through a busy day… Or night.

Within the ad, it shows Santa using Siri to help get directions and also a few other funny moments. Check it out below:

Just over a week ago Apple uploaded a new ad showcasing The Beatles to coincide with the release of the free animated book The Beatles Yellow Submarine.



  • K3

    Dear Santa, 
    I want a new iPhone as my 3gs running 5.0.1 out of no where started shutting off at 30%. After thinking Battery Doctor might help in some way it now shuts off at 65%! Add to all of this, iTunes is constantly asking for password, syncing when automatic sync is turned off and something else that 
    can’t be recalled at the moment but is particularly annoying. (auto back up maybe)
    If this is too much to ask just bring a beautiful brunette around 5’9 and a nice rack.

  • Weebsurfer

    Uh oh… Now apple needs to watch out for copywriter lawsuits from Coca Cola fur using their comercial image of the fat man. 😉

  • blitz

    Siri, you mean 3.7 billion appointments. 😛

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  • Nope… Siri can’t do anything for him outside of the US.