Tim Cook Calls Microsoft’s New Surface Book Laptop “Deluded”



While speaking to students from the Philosophical society in Trinity College, Apple CEO Tim Cook used some sharp words for Microsoft, describing the company’s new Surface Book laptop as “deluded”, reports the Independent. He also told the students that Apple will have “more than 6,000 people” employed in Cork, Ireland, when a new 1,000-job expansion for its Hollyhill campus is completed. “Apple is proud to call Ireland home, we don’t see ourselves as just a company that is in Ireland, we see ourselves rooted here”, Cook said.

Taking about the company’s main competitors, despite saying that Apple’s relationship with Microsoft has improved over the years, he called their latest Surface Book a deluded product:

“It’s a product that tries too hard to do too much,” he said. “It’s trying to be a tablet and a notebook and it really succeeds at being neither. It’s sort of deluded.” On the iPad, sales of which are currently falling as people buy larger iPhones, Mr Cook said he was “bullish”. “I believe the iPad will return to growth,” he said.

When asked about the launch of Apple Pay in Ireland, Cook hinted that the region will get the payment service “soon”.


  • airmanchairman

    Them’s fighting’ words…

  • erth

    when is applepay coming to a canadian bank in canada? also, can you spare a couple thousand jobs in ontario as well?

  • Jay

    The ipad could try a little harder then….
    Because theres barely anything you can do with it.

  • Bob

    And in three years when apple integrates their OS across all platforms like Windows 10 already does it will be considered “REVOLUTIONARY!”

  • Shameer Mulji

    That’s been corrected. He said “diluted”.

    Apple says Cook meant “diluted,” not “deluded,” in reference to the above comment.