Tim Cook Joins Duke University Board of Trustees for Six-Year Term


Apple CEO Tim Cook has been named as one of eight new members to join the Duke University Board of Trustees on July 1 for six-year terms, the school announced today. Cook attended the Fuqua School of Business, where he earned his MBA back in 1988.


With Cook and the seven new members, the Board of Trustees counts 37, and is responsible for the University’s educational mission and fiscal policies.

Alongside Tim Cook, the new trustees are Coca-Cola Foundation Chairwoman Lisa Borders, PRM Advisors founder Patricia Morton, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, and ValueAct Capital CEO Jeff Ubben, and the three observing members are Jack Boyd; recent Duke graduate Anna Knight, and Ben Shellhorn, a JD/MBA candidate at Duke.

Cook returned to Duke University two years ago and joined a discussion with Fuqua School of Business Dean Bill Boulding and students about Apple’s success.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    that is really hard to believe, TC has an MBA ?
    Considering the latest products by Apple inc. and the fake figures contaminated by criminal markets sales, either TC is under threat, or completely gone and not willing to steer apple inc. ( not willing to hold tight to the ship steering wheel )

    On second though, is an MBA risking anything in USA, when taking orders from accountants in the company? in fact, I guess MBA’s aren’t like lawyers, risking a ban from law societies or lawyers orders, when negligent ? too relaxed ? too laid back ? closing eyes and wearing headphones with loud music on, when accountants are actually reporting on a whole pile of rubbish data and stats.

    I’ll try to be nice and adding ” Maybe, just maybe, NSA acquired apple inc, who cares then about financial results of a company that is actually appointed a task and a job financed by public money, and a company filled with crabs, lice, hiding themselves in a organization similar to a labyrinth, a maze once you get into, you won’t ever find the way out.