Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Normandy-Based iPhone X Supplier Eldim


During a trip to France in which Tim Cook is set to meet French president Emmanuel Macron, the Apple CEO also visited a small French company whose technology is reported to be key to Face ID.

According to a new report from VentureBeat, the Apple CEO shared a pair of photos from his trip to the country on Monday, which has included a visit to a key supplier for the iPhone X, Eldim.

At Eldim, Cook visited “a team of talented engineers and craftspeople helping make iPhone possible.” The company, which is based in Normandy, provides key components for the Face ID technology found on the upcoming iPhone X.

“More recently, this has evolved into making components that allow for ‘optical analysis of angular characteristics,'” reads the report. “Apparently, a version of this technology is one of the critical components being used in the new Face ID system for the iPhone X.”

Apple and Eldim have reportedly been working together for almost ten years, according to the French company’s CEO, Thierry Leroux. According to Leroux, working with Apple has been “an incredible adventure,” but also added that their relationship hasn’t been without its challenges.

“For us, it was a little like sending someone to the moon,” said Leroux.

“It’s great what you have done for us,” responded Cook.


  • KBlazer07

    I’m sure the visit wasn’t as delightful as this article makes it out to be. ?????

  • Tim

    Apple always loves to showcase Tim Cook standing in places within the iPhone manufacturing and development chain to try and project that it’s not all just factory cities with millions of low paid Chinese workers…even though it’s mostly that proportionally speaking.