Tim Cook Calls EU Tax Ruling on Apple “Total Political Crap”


In an exclusive interview with the Irish Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook mostly reiterated the thoughts he made public via a public letter on the company’s website following the EU Commission’s ruling that instructed Ireland to recoup CAD$18.9 billion in back taxes from the iPhone maker.

Apple tax scheme ireland

Cook said it will proceed as originally planned with the Cork facility, for which it has recently received approval for expansion, creating another 1,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

He strongly rejected the EU Commission’s findings that Apple paid just 0.005% tax in Ireland two years ago, calling it “political crap.” Cook described the ruling as “maddening and disappointing”, adding that he has no idea where the numbers came from, and that Apple has paid $400 million tax in Ireland “based on the statutory rate of 12.5%.”

In a separate interview with Paschal Sheehy, host of Irish radio show Morning Ireland, he said (via MacRumors):

It’s clear that this comes from a political place and has no basis in fact or law. Unfortunately it’s one of those things we have to work through. When you’re accused of doing something that is so foreign to your values, it brings out an outrage in you and that’s how we feel. Apple has always been about doing the right thing, never the easy thing.

Following reports shedding light on the lack of an agreed response from Irish ministers regarding the action the government should take on the ruling, Cook said that he would “love” to see the government launch an appeal against it. Apple is certainly prepared for it, as the company has already revealed in the FAQ published on a microsite dedicated to investors.


  • Ashley Mann

    I think there is a better way to define the word “crap”. Let’s try Bloombergs Technology post July 22,2015:

    90% of Apples cash is stockpiled offshore. Apple spent 4.1 million in the second quarter lobbying and adding three lobbyists to lobby for Apple for US and international tax reforms.

    So for Tim, clearly it isn’t that foreign. Foreign of course being the key word that benefits Apple. Nice try Tim.