Tim Cook: iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 Sold Out in Some Locales


In a TV interview with CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple is seeing localized sellouts of the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 on launch day.

When asked about his reaction to the launch of both products, Cook said:

“I am thrilled. Here’s what we’re seeing right now. The watch with LTE, the Series 3 Watch, we are sold out in so many places around the world. And we’re working really hard to meet demand. We’ve sold out of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in some stores, but we’ve got good supply there. You can see what’s going on here this morning. I couldn’t be happier.”

While there have still been significant lineups at some stores, some other reports have pointed to low numbers in places like Sydney and New York City. Many people are believed to be waiting for the iPhone X, which begins shipping on November 3.

Cook was also asked about LTE connection problems encountered by reviewers testing the Series 3. Cook replied:

“The issue is very minor, it will be fixed in a software update. It has to do with the handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular, and we’ll fix that. It only happens in a rare number of cases. I’ve been using it for quite a while and it works great. So we’re very happy about it.”

Online shipments have also been impacted by high demand, with some iPhone 8 Plus configurations seeing a shipping delay of about a week. However, some LTE configurations of the Apple Watch Series 3 will not ship until mid-October.



  • Salinger

    To be fair, what would you expect the CEO of any company to say about their new product? Clearly, the demand for iPhone 8 (7S) is well down from previous iterations. More than a week after pre-orders open, and the popular Plus version is only a week delayed in shipping is supposed to show “high demand”? By now for previous models, that’d be a month or more.

  • dudemaster

    I was quite sure I was going to get the OLED iPhone earlier this year. I am still using my iPhone 6. I used to buy an unlocked one every other year – my 3G was locked. I had the 3G, 4, 5, and now 6.
    As it stands now – I have updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 11. It’s on the slow side with an obsolete chip and 1 gb RAM. However; it still makes calls, sends texts, posts on FB, and helps me look up things.
    I am going to sit out this cycle and continue using my iPhone 6. I do not like the notch and the Galaxy S8 has a better screen with everything that the iPhone X has and is cheaper. I am sticking with iOS because of my iMac, MacBook, iPad etc. Otherwise I would have gone to Android.

  • BeaveVillage

    iPhone 8 demand is lower than 7, which is okay–as it lets people easily buy the phone that want it, without having to wait weeks on end, standing in line, or having to stamp ‘refresh’ on that Apple Reserve & Pick Up page over and over.

    Watch Series 3 should be doing VERY well, a lot of people wanted cellular in their watch from the get-go and now it’s here, well if you’re with Bell anyways.

    iPhone X will be the true test. If there aren’t lineups at the Apple Stores on X day then I’ll know it flopped about. Hopefully this will get Apple to lose the ‘notch’ and re-add the fingerprint sensor and TAPTIC home button for 2018’s ‘XS’, but knowing Apple–once they make a change, a reversal is 99.9% unlikely.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I have the exact same iPhone history as you 3G – 6 – except I bought a 6s a few months ago. I’d recommend it as a nice relatively inexpensive upgrade. The phone is zippy under iOS 11 and Apple is still selling new 6s iPhones. Physical home button, fast fingerprint reader for fast Apple Pay and headphone jack are pretty compelling features the new phones like the X lack. 3D touch is a nice bonus over the 6. And if your 6 doesn’t have so-called “touch disease” yet, it will – so a great time to ditch it and get the high-point in iPhone design & functionality and now value for money.

  • Tim

    I doubt I’ll upgrade to the “X”, currently on a 6S plus. The notch doesn’t bother me, and I like the camera capabilities, but I anticipate the lack of Touch ID will suck and the forthcoming reviews will echo this sentiment.