TomTom iPhone App Released in App Store


One of the most hyped up navigation apps for the iPhone 3G and 3GS since the 2009 WWDC has been the TomTom navigation app. Well, wait no longer folks because it was just recently released into the iTunes App Store.

TomTom has a North American version for the iPhone, which includes maps for CANADA and the USA! The app alone is priced at $99US in the US App Store. This does not include the TomTom car mount, which will cost you extra. Here are a few highlights:

– The TomTom navigation application for iPhone; an Apple version of TomTom’s award-winning turn-by-turn navigation software, including IQ Routes and latest maps from Tele Atlas;
– The TomTom car kit for iPhone; a specially developed car kit for secure docking, enhanced GPS performance, clear voice instructions, hands-free calling and in-car charging.

If you’ve been waiting for the TomTom turn-by-turn app, this could be the one. But it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg though! At a 1.2GB download, expect to use your computer to acquire this software!


For those who don’t want to fork out $99USD for the TomTom app, we have a review of G-Map Canada coming your way. It’s a turn by turn navigation app for Canada only, has voice instructions and so far does the job. It’s a fraction of the price at $19.99–watch for the review!

Click here to buy the TomTom iPhone App!

Anyone already purchase the TomTom app? How do you like it?


  • Dusty

    I've been using G-Map Canada a few times, works nice.
    Tom Tom looks really good and would be worth a try, but ill pass on the price for now. Maybe there might be a sale! hehe 😛

  • Bojamijams

    I love the Navigon app and have used that. I especially love the fact that I can play the music through my car stereo and have the GPS running as well and the voice directions will also come through the car stereo while it temporarily lowers the volume of the music a bit. Fan freakin tastic

  • curtman

    Hey all. Long Time viewer first time writer! So just after midnight I downloaded the TOMTOM app via wi-fi. It was a lengthy wait but as I awoke this morning alas! It was installed. My joy was quickly over come by disappointment as the icon for the app was a duplicate from a totally unrelated application. I have since uninstalled and will try a download via iTunes when I get home.

    It should be noted that I have conducted some queries and it is my understanding that the aforementioned problem is not associated to the TOMTOM app but rather a flaw in 3.0/3.0.1 working in concert with the 3GS and usually occurs after a hard reset. (This is exactly what happened to me)

  • curtman

    I just got off the phone with our local APPLE store in pursuit of the TOMTOM iPhone dock to no avail!!! The Apple associate could not provide any details such as if/when they will stock or how much it will retail for. If any of you can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. Curtman out!

  • I have Navigon, and it works okay… but a couple of issues I have pertain to the use of NavTeq maps, which are also used by G-Map, apparently — for my city, they're quite out of date. Also, they lack the lane indicator and 3D view for interchanges.

    TomTom uses TeleAtlas, from what I understand. Is it more up to date?

  • Such an interesting phone this is, I must say I have a Blackberry with GPS but I like the views of this app. I might certainly switch over to iPhone sometime in the near future….

  • sergiomatos

    Can make a big review on GPS apps for the iPhone ? On app has what?

    Thank you

  • Steval

    I just replaced my iPhone 3G for a 32Gb 3Gs this week and I've tested 3 GPS apps on it : iGo My Way, Navigon and today, Tom Tom (No I didn't pay for them…).

    On my old 3G AND my new 3Gs, iGo My way was ok, fun to use and beautiful, but everytime I used it, when quitting the application, My GPS stopped working… I had to turn off 3G, Wi-FI and reset the network settings to get it back to work…

    On 3Gs only, the new TomTom application is very functionnal, easy to use and great, no GPS problem, but, When asking for a MCdonalds near my house, He proposed a VERY long way to get to it (go to a bridge over the highway, take the highwa entrance, exit at the first exit, go back to the same bridge and turn to McDonalds (A very long U-Turn), but there is a street for the McDo… (and it's there since 30 years :)). I also saw some lag on the map (little) (you see a crossing street 4 seconds AFTER crossed it…)

    My choice for now, is Navigon.. I really like this one, it's perfect… Plus, the graphics are more “high class”, more anti-aliased, and you have a lot of real logos along the streets (McDonalds, Subway, Esso, Petro-Canada, Shell, etc…) it's really cool… I think I'll buy this one, but will still to test TomTom a coupe of weeks again…

    (By the way, all testings was made with North America versions, near Montreal, Quebec). Sorry for my english 🙂


  • Sounds like a useful app. No one is going to be buying GPS units anymore.

  • marcksv

    My opinion would be to skip the app and put the 99$ on a full gps device…

    I would have got it for around 25 to maybe 50$ , but this is too expensive for an iphone application that will do no more then the full device I cam get for the same price at any best-buy

  • adamkerry

    I phoned futureshop just a moment ago because I was looking to get the Tomtom GO 730 (they were sold out). I asked the sales guy if they were going to be selling the iPhone Tomtom GPS mount and he said “Yes”. I asked him about much and he said “the tomtom rep came to our store the other day and showed us the mount, and said that it was going to cost (by itself) $80 – $90”.

  • Lawrence

    I downloaded it yesterday and it works just fine. The only minor problem is it does not parse my contacts very well and I have to manually step thorough and accept the fields. I have a call into Tom Tom to ask if this ia a bug or at least how must I format the contacts for them to work directly. It seems to be silly things like I put in 'Vancouver British Columbia' and it wants 'Vancouver BC', I put in '17th Ave W' and it wants 'W 17th Ave', it wants PL instead of Place etc.

    Operationally it works well though, the voice directions are clear and if I am listening to the iPod it cuts in, pauses the playback, says it's piece and then resumes the playback all pretty seamlessly.


  • h2

    Not worth it at that super-high price (which doesn't even include the mount!). Might as well get a Dedicated Garmin or TomTom GPS for the same price with louder volume control. Yes, you can hardly hear anything out of that tiny iPhone speaker.

  • There's no way.
    Maybe $90 with a bundled promo code for the app.

    I read somewhere it was to retail for approx $30

  • Lawrence

    For me I like having it in my phone. I would not be carrying a separate GPS unit with me but I almost always have my phone. When it plays through the car radio the volume is just fine, it pauses the iPod whenver it announces a direction and then result the iPod playback. Nice when I am listening to a podcast or a book. A separate GPS would be one more thing to try to integrate if I had the radio and GPS and iPod and maybe cell phone hands free all vying for my radio speakers. All in all I think it's worth the price and when the dock is available I'll take a look at that. While a lower price would be nice even if the total price is roughly the same as a standalone unit I think it's not bad.

    Time will tell if ultimatly I like it or not but so far so good.


  • chitai416

    Does anyone know if while using Tomtom uses data? Or if I use Tomtom in the US. Does it use data roaming?

  • I would like to know how it would work if I purchase TomTom for the iPhone, and go into the States to use it there. Does it use the cellular plan and wireless plan? If so, the GPS ability of the TomTom would be for sole use in Canada and it would go against my 500MB plan, right?

    (Please say it isn't so!)

  • Arthur

    Does the TomTom App use data? For example, if I travel to the USA and I use Safari on my iPhone to browse the internet, I will get charged for Data Roaming because I am a Canadian iPhone subscriber. Can I use the TomTom GPS in the USA without incurring Data Roaming Charges? Will the app work if Data Roaming is turned off?

  • andy

    Well it's not so cheap and it even gets worse if you add the Tom Tom too, though you can use it for other apps too that track trails such as Easytrails GPS.

  • andy

    Well it's not so cheap and it even gets worse if you add the Tom Tom too, though you can use it for other apps too that track trails such as Easytrails GPS.

  • Stan

    all maps are built into the app, no data required.

  • akorbiel

    I understand that the maps are built onto the app, but the maps won't function without know your location. How does it pinpoint your location, if it doesn't use data? It has to get the info from somewhere?

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