Top 50 Hidden Features in iOS 9 [VIDEO]


We’re one day into iOS 9 beta and developers have been digging through it to discover all the features and settings Apple didn’t have time to discuss on stage at its keynote.

Luckily, EverythingApplePro has just posted a pretty good video detailing “Top 50 iOS 9 Hidden Features” (like the hidden iCloud Drive app). If you want to get an overview of the enhancements and improvements, check out the video below:

Developers that have installed iOS 9 have been quick to note it is definitely a beta, as many are seeing battery drain issues (expected), random reboots (yep) and connection and pairing issues with Apple Watch.


  • sukisszoze

    Have to watch this again in the

  • Looks promising, however my OCD gets the best of me.
    I think it was feature number 11, he says they made no mention of the new back button when searching around in Siri, however I watched Tom Cook use it during his demo 😛

    Love the battery widget added as well, going to be handy.

  • Moz

    Yeah swypeselection for iPhone 6 it’s about time!

  • Sidney

    The only update that I really need is the keyboard. I speak 5 languages and it’s a pain to have to keep switching keyboards manually so an auto switch would be wonderful. They have it on Android since last year.

  • Richard Neufeld

    download swiftkey does exactly what you are looking for. Works great for me.

  • Kirk

    Wow.. okay iOS 9 has a lot more new stuff than I thought pretty cool