Toronto to Bid for Site of Amazon’s Next $5 Billion Headquarters


Earlier today, Amazon announced it had opened a search for its next North American headquarters, asking local and state government leaders to submit proposals for Amazon HQ2, which will include over $5 billion in construction and operation investments.

Amazon’s $5 billion budget for HQ2 will rival the alleged cost of Apple Park, while the online retailer also plans to support up to 50,000 “high paying jobs” at this second location. The company’s current headquarters in Seattle occupy 8.1 billion square feet and support 40,000+ employees.


What about Amazon HQ2 in Canada? That may be a possibility, if Toronto Mayor John Tory has his way.

Tory told Reuters in a statement he wants Amazon to consider the city as “prime candidate”, saying “I firmly believe that Toronto is a prime candidate to host Amazon’s second headquarters in North America. I will be leading the charge to make the case that Amazon should call Toronto home.”

On Twitter, the Mayor tweeted to @amazon, saying “We are a bold, innovative city that has plenty of homegrown tech talent. We continue to attract talent & companies from around the world.” He added “City staff are working with Toronto Global to make sure we put together an attractive bid for this opportunity.”

Amazon offers same-day shipping for customers in Toronto, while a recent report claimed Prime Now would be making its way to the city later this year.

What do you think? Toronto as the next headquarters for Amazon?

Update: Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax note they are also ready to put forth bids for Amazon HQ2.


  • Oliver Hoffmann

    When I read the first articles about this I immediately thought that Toronto would be the perfect location for their new HQ.

  • OliChabot

    Montreal should offer a 25 year tax credit in order to get this HQ ! We need more headquarters in Quebec

  • Shameer Mulji

    I say why not!

  • CuJo YYC

    Staff it with DACA refugees. Everyone wins.

  • Riley Freeman

    hope we get it and by we i mean toronto. Lets be real, theres nothing in ottawa. Does ottawa even have 40 000 people lol

    just cant imagine where they would put it in toronto. Shoot, id go work there too

  • xxxJDxxx

    Halifax?! LOL

  • Decodering

    Great comment!

  • iverge

    Will not happen – too much uncertainty if the PQ win an election. Even Bank of Montreal HQ is in Toronto!

  • iverge

    Perfect area is the underutilized area South East of Don Valley parkway

  • OliChabot

    I know, sad… Montreal was THE city of HQs before the rising of PQ and referendums… we miss on alot of $$ because of that. Still many HQ are in Montreal and we have major tech businesses and researchers, i.e in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

  • Brenda

    I’m a Montrealer, but think Toronto would have the best chance. Too bad Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto don’t get together and make a joint bid which would include high-speed transit between the three cities.

  • space2001

    Hmmm…. 8.1 Billion square feet of office space is 3.5 times the total city of Seattle. It’s almost as big as GTA land in total… I suspect they might have 8.1 Million square feet of office space.

  • MleB1

    Earlier this week, I was reading an article saying that Amazon currently holds about 40% of the office space in Seattle – and, coincidentally, a comment from a Seattleite wherein his guidance to whoever lives in the 2nd city chosen was “Move”, suggesting most wouldn’t be able to afford to live there. Between the upward pressure on rents and housing sales, and the wages Amazon is willing on paying, it’s a problem. Toronto can’t cope with the infrastructure, neighbourhood and cost challenges for its residents involved, as is.
    Silicon Valley – outside of San Francisco, at that – has, for many long-term residents there, altered the very makeup of the city and its neighbourhoods and increased traffic – including private commuter buses – in a city that has traditionally had traffic issues. Meanwhile, average rents for a 1 bedroom apartment sits at $3400 / month.
    Meanwhile, while Amazon has apparently condensed its footprint in Seattle to the business core, its still a traffic / neighbourhood issue, and rents for a 1 bedroom there now average $2066 / month. It’s tough when a majority of those actually living in a city don’t actually work for the company (or are not paid well if they are) – while Toronto (and Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton – all interested in bidding) are also University towns, with students struggling with daily costs and tuition already.
    It’s probably not a problem Toronto needs, however ‘glam’ it might be.