Toronto Offers $10 Free Parking to Offset Impact from King St. Streetcar Pilot Project


The City of Toronto is offering drivers two hours of free parking with the Green P app along sections of King Street that are affected by the streetcar pilot project.

This is the latest effort to help local businesses who said that the streetcar pilot project has driven away customers. Mayor John Tory and local councillor Joe Cressy have asked the city staff to examine possible additional modifications to the project that would ease driver and business frustration.

The modifications could include granting drivers access to avoid various turning restrictions at certain times on weeknights and weekdays. There have also been talks about implementing a two-hour transfer for TTC riders on the route. Eliminating some of these restrictions would definitely help local businesses. In a statement, Cressy said:

“There is a real recognition that more needs to be done at the local level for local businesses.”

The free parking along the route is definitely a good gesture by the city, but it is clearly only a temporary solution. If the city wants to help local businesses along the pilot project route they will have to eliminate some of these restrictions.

[via The Star]


  • FragilityG4

    This was a stupid idea when they first talked about it. It was a stupid idea when they first implemented it. And now we’re seeing that it will be nothing more than a stupid idea.

  • Riley Freeman

    the whole pilot is dumb. The funny thing is king street sidewalks are unnecessarily large, You could easily turn that from 4 lanes to 5 MAYBE even 6

  • rob

    Everyone I know will avoid going downtown at all costs anywhere ..anytime…not just king st.
    It’s not worth the trouble.

  • “Unnecessarily large” lmao do you even live in the area?

  • Riley Freeman

    harbourfront bruh

  • I know this article is on this site because it involves an app to pay for parking. But it’s mostly off-topic to this website (this is a political / society issue, not a tech story). Paying for parking with this app is not new.

    This story shouldn’t be on this site. So many things in our society involve apps; does every one of them deserve a story on this site? Come on, stick to the topic of tech-first stories.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I’m not sure how they are somehow able to implement “a two-hour transfer for TTC riders on the route” now but somehow the rest of the city has to wait until August. Why not allow this right now? Why does it take the TTC and Presto a year to implement a change that should take a day? I can’t imagine how awful Presto’s code must be that it takes a year to update their software. I thought the Apple App Store approval process took long, but this is ridiculous.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Actually, I like this. We are increasingly putting ourselves into news bubbles that fine tune news to the point of no longer allowing for the serendipity of coming across an interesting/important piece of news outside of our bubbles. And when we aren’t putting ourselves into bubbles, Facebook and Google are doing it for us. It’s not healthy for society.