Toronto Taxi vs Uber Confrontation Caught on Dashcam [WATCH]


A new video shared online shows the growing resentment traditional taxi drivers have towards Uber. The video shows a Toronto taxi driver blocking an UberX driver and his fare from departing, reports CBC News. Uber connects passengers with drivers right from the company’s app on smartphones.

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The confrontation took place near the Fairmont Royal York hotel on Front Street West last week, shared by Justin Burrows, an UberX driver.

Burrows said altercations like the one filmed “happen all the time,” and said while Uber drivers don’t want to complain, “this is something that the public needs to know about and the city needs to know about.”

In the video, the UberX driver is picking up a passenger when a cab driver approaches to stop the ride.

The cab driver is heard saying “you cannot take them, go away,” blocking the UberX driver from departing with his fare. The UberX driver explains to his passenger the situation, and the latter can heard he’ll just walk around the corner and order a different Uber.

Meanwhile, the aggressive Toronto taxi driver continues to block the UberX vehicle, and only leaves when the Uber driver calls police, which then the video cuts out.

Scarborough-Agincourt Coun. Jim Karygiannis told CBC News Uber continues to operate illegally in the city, and says the actions by cabbies are “understandable,” despite condoning the confrontation recorded on video.

Cabbie Amrul Ahasan said it is frustrating to see Uber drivers take away their potential fares, saying “they have nothing, and they make money more than us now,” claiming he has seen 60 percent of his business disappear due to Uber.

You can watch the video below (the audio is really low and video quality is horrible):

Toronto taxi drivers launched a $400 million class action lawsuit against Uber last month. Last weekend, bylaw enforcement officers in Toronto handed out tickets to at least 98 UberX drivers, citing they had broken nearly 200 offences for operating in the city.

Cab drivers in Ottawa recently filmed their own undercover ‘sting operation’ versus Uber, to show authorities the service was operating against city bylaws. The city’s mayor called the cab drivers “thugs” over their actions.


  • Sven L

    It’s like the mob defending their turf. These cabbies need to get a grip.

  • Zing

    I just lost a friend because taxis didn’t want to drive her home for a $8 fare. I will never taxi again! Uber has my vote!

  • MrXax


  • Ryan Peterson

    I used Uber 20+ times in Europe this summer and use it here in Edmonton all the time. Where there are unmetered taxis the driver are usually pretty corrupt. Majority of taxi cars are in horrible shape and would appear to barely be able to pass basic safety checks. Uber is quick, efficient, and much more pleasant than any taxi I have been in and I’m still alive… Another year and I am sure insurance companies will start to offer some sort or Uber coverage. Taxi’s everywhere should be very afraid, they are going the way of the dinos

  • definingsound

    I don’t know if taxis understand what they have. They are essentially a near-monopoly on limo service in the city. No seriously, they just need decent cars and drivers that act professionally. Uber is for kids that want to order a freelance car from their phone. Taxis are for working professionals that need to get to the airport, to an office, to a lunch engagement, and they ought to have professional drivers to do this. I don’t understand why taxis want to have a turf battle over the lowest-fare market, taxi industry should wake up and recognize their place in the mid-fare market. Taxis should not be competing with public transportation nor uberX, taxis should instead be competing with airline limousine and Boston Coach. If I need to hire a driver for a work engagement, no way am I going to try to hire an UberX for that. I will order a cab, and I expect it to be clean, professional, and timely. It’s the bottom feeder taxis that want every $8 fare in the city, driving barely legal cars, using drivers that are far from “professional”, that I see clashing over UberX. Every time I see a taxi pull a stupid traffic-clogging move, every time I see a taxi split lanes at an intersection, every time I see a taxi honk at pedestrians, every time I see a taxi move without signalling, these are the times I feel like driving up beside the taxi and yelling “you’re less professional than Uber, learn how to drive responsibly!” Finally a chance for competition to force taxis to clean up their act, and they instead act like thugs trying to protect their claim to the lowest segment of the fare market.

  • johnnygoodface

    Talk about shooting oneself in the foot, man! Uber 1 – Taxi 0.. Anyway it’s a dying breed… Uber will prevail

  • FragilityG4

    I still believe uber has to get proper insurance and pay taxes but man taxi drivers are despicable human beings. No sympathy to those rats.

  • I’ve had a few shady drivers myself.
    I had a driver blow a stop sign, and realized it as he nearly crashed into another car, slamming on his brakes he comes to a screeching halt with my pregnant wife in the car. He laughs it off like it’s nothing and we get out of the cab and inform him he’s not getting paid.

    Another incident that’s happen twice this year is the metered taxies we have here, we arrive at our destination and the driver will turn the meter off 10 seconds before he stops to let us out. Suddenly a $12 ride magically becomes $16. Of course my wife and I are like “uhhh… No? It was clearly $12.10 when you shut it off. Driver argues and we do the same thing. We tell him we’re not stupid and he will only pay $12 with no tip and if you argue again you’ll get nothing.

    He threatens to call the police, so we both just got out and walked away. Police were never called, or at least they never made contact with us.

  • Akrem

    Well said, only thing that is missing our Bearcats city leader need to allow Taxi’s to be the business owners they can be. Too many liggal restrictions that wont make sense has put hand cuffs on cabbies. City leaders need to get it right, and allow the market to dectate itself by itself.