Ultimate Torture Test: iPhone 6 Plus vs .50 Cal Rifle in Slow Motion [VIDEO]


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YouTube channel RatedRR continues its planned six days of consecutive iPhone 6 torture tests, with today the iPhone 6 Plus meeting a .50 caliber rifle in slow motion. Is the iPhone 6 Plus bulletproof? Check out the disastrous results below:

Yesterday the channel uploaded a video showing various drop tests with the iPhone 6, while a previous video pit the new device against liquid nitrogen. Time to pour out a little liquor for these fallen iPhone 6 units.


  • BrodieTheDog

    That was a nice shot!

  • Seriously! Right down the middle.

  • iFone

    wait…what!? It didn’t stop the bullet? I didn’t expect that to happen

  • WatDah

    Torture “Test”? They should just straight up call this video “Destroying iPhone 6 with a Bullet”.