iPhone 5s Touch ID Setup Works with Multiple Fingers from Different People? [VIDEO]


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We’ve already seen how some hackers have been able to bypass the Touch ID fingerprint feature in the iPhone 5s, but now it appears there’s more to learn about this new feature.

Canadian YouTube channel JTechAppleTV has discovered the initial Touch ID profile setup on the iPhone 5s can be successfully completed using not only your own finger–but those of others too. The videos show three sets of different fingers being able to setup a Touch ID profile and successfully unlock the iPhone 5s afterwards. Touch ID does allow for five finger profiles as advertised–but here, we see different fingers being successfully used in one setup tutorial.

Justin explains their original test had up to five different fingers from different people work, but only showed three for the sake of the video. This could be a way to add more than the five finger limit to Touch ID’s profile.

Check out the video below:

Let us know if you were able to replicate this with Apple’s Touch ID profile setup. Should Touch ID’s profile setup be allowing this to happen?


  • Vinnie

    Yes, of course it should! — I set this up for myself, but also my wife’s finger so that she could unlock my phone without having to know my PIN.

  • Yes, this is how they explained it to work in the keynote as well, I believe. This isn’t really a surprise, this is how I always understood it to work.

  • The difference here is they are sharing different fingers during ONE setup. Not additional setups of new fingers.

  • Oh, I get it now. That is bizarre.

  • El Cockblock

    No surprise here, it’s obvious it should work like this. The iPhone cannot actually recognise the owner of the phone, you know… *rolls eyes*

  • Canucks

    The phone is just taking multiple shots/mappings of the fingerprints. It doesn’t care whose fingers. While the set up takes multiple copies of fingerprints, you can use different fingerprints to “fake” the system.