Traditional Watch Expert Shares His First Day with Apple Watch


Apple Watch Review aBlogtoWatch

April 24, 2015, was a highly anticipated day among Apple customers and fans: the Apple Watch became available in a handful of boutiques and some lucky customers have had their own device shipped home. This means a flood of videos and review blog posts. But there is one you’ll definitely want to read as it gets updated, and that’s A Blog to Watch’s review.

Given Ariel Adams’ specialization in traditional watches, it is a no brainer that he has followed the Apple Watch since the announcement and has had the chance to see it in different stages during the past 227 days (almost eight months).

Today Adams has published the first chapter of his Apple Watch review. He did it both in writing and as a video, so you can choice either to watch the 25-minute-long footage or read his words.

Materials and construction are fantastic, and I think most people will be surprised at just how comfortable the Apple Watch is. Of course, ultimate comfort will depend on people choosing the correct strap/case combination that is right for them, but for me, the Apple Watch has really proven itself to be something that I’ll be happy to wear for long periods of time.

Overall, he talks really nice about the Watch, though he points to areas where Apple needs to improve the wearable. The package has the usual Apple signature and the setup process is pretty simple, he says; but he does mention that having a smartwatch paired with your phone has downsides as well: it is another force that drains battery life.

Contrasting some of the early press reviews, Adams is satisfied with the overall Apple Watch performance — remember, he has been using it just for a day: “I want to say right now that everything the Apple Watch currently does, it does well. That isn’t to say that it does everything. No one expected the Apple Watch to be released and to be able and do everything it will eventually do.”

Be sure to read or watch Adams’ review while you are waiting for your Apple Watch, or just want to gather more information about it before you make a decision: do you need that device or not.

Image credit: Ariel Adams, ABlogToWatch


  • bspence88

    I want to know if anyone has had it long enough and used it enough to comment on battery life. Mine is waiting at my post office in the US but I’m still on vacation.

  • I’m kinda waiting for Android wear to hit the Apple store, that’s if Apple approves it of course.
    In the meantime, I’ve just ordered an Apple Watch for my newly purchased iPhone 6. I got a while to wait though since it won’t ship til June.

  • k.

    I’m planning (trying) to sit this one out. I like tech and novelties but i’ll try to hold my ground and wait for v2.0.

  • Guest

    I’ve had mine on since 7pm yesterday, and I’m currently sitting at 50% battery. I worked a 12 hour shift, receiving and sending texts, and whatsapp notifications. I fiddled around with phone calling feature, pretty cool but not sure how much I would use it. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  • bspence88

    Thanks man!

  • Chrome262

    Yeah, I am hoping for better battery life, as well as true water resistance, even though those other guys say its works in a pool