[Update] Tributes to Steve Jobs at Canadian Apple Stores


Update 1: Thanks so much to everyone who sent in emails. Check out these pictures from Apple Stores coast to coast.

Apple Store at Conestoga Mall via Geoff:

Apple Store Carrefour Laval in Quebec, via Roy

Apple Store Richmond Centre later on via Kiyumi:

Apple Store Richmond Centre via Micah:

Apple Store Montreal via Amirali:

An update picture of Pacific Centre via justjennii, @amatecha:

Apple Store Pacific Centre in Vancouver, via Qi W.:

Eaton Center Apple Store in Toronto, via Anthony K.:

Apple Store St. Catherine, Montreal via Danny M.:

It’s been less than 24 hours since new broke of the passing of Steve Jobs. Tributes have been posted online by prominent figures, and now we’re seeing impromptu flowers being placed outside Apple Stores around the world including Canada. readers have sent in some pictures. Keith emails us some snaps outside the Apple Store in Ottawa. A Post-It Note pad has been placed down, and a wall of notes have been put up. The store logo is also turned off:

Jianchun dropped off the kids at school, then placed flowers down at the Apple Store in Southgate Mall in Edmonton. The store manager assured they would stay there for the day:

Ahmad hacked the big touchscreen inside the Dalhousie Computer Science building to show Apple’s front page dedicated to Steve:

Let us know if you’ve seen other stores across the country with flowers laid down in memory of Steve. Send your pictures to and we’ll keep this post updated.


  • Mort

    I’m really sad, I have pain from yesterday.. I hope the apple stays apple”

  • Mike2201

    Will miss u Steve rip

  • Auto Strada

    I love the half-eaten apple at Pac Centre – my brother has a close up of it for his 365.

    Also, according to him (he works there), all stores had their logos switched off and had a moment of silence at 11am today.

  • Is that an actual floating macbook air?? RIP Steve..

  • Yes (with fishing wire)!

  • good riddance

    Who really cares about steve jobs dying?! He worked with some of the biggest corporations (ie; facebook, twitter, google, etc.) to create devices for the American government and other governments around the world to be able to spy, wiretap, track and invade people’s privacy. Steve may have started out as a good person but quickly turned into an evil capitalist. He sent American jobs to China because of the lack of human and labour rights. Terrible wages and sweat shop like conditions. R.I.P Steve but I’m glad you’re gone! It’s one less evil person on this planet.

    People before profit!

  • Ex

    Holy fuck…

  • Realist

    Iphone made in America would cost $2000 with the wonderful Union Labour