Truffol’s ‘Time Juice’ Kinetic Battery: Never Charge Apple Watch Ever Again


With Apple Watch pre-orders set to launch on April 10, ahead of the April 24 launch in Canada (and other first wave countries), one aspect of the smart watch people are thinking about is battery life. While Apple says you’ll get 18 hours out of the watch, does that mean you’ll be a ‘wall hugger’ if your day goes beyond those hours?

Enter Truffol’s Time Juice, which they say is “an automatic external battery” for Apple Watch, which generates power through kinetic energy when you’re moving your wrist. Time Juice attaches to Apple Watch on the back via a magnetic connection:

Screenshot 2015 03 31 22 07 39

While the new Pebble Time offers up to 7 days of battery life, Time Juice can virtually extend the battery life of your Apple Watch to infinity and beyond, making the second generation Pebble’s “battery technology look dated,” explains Truffol’s website.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 22.08.34

Time Juice is available in aluminum ($69), stainless steel ($89) and 18-karat yellow gold ($699) to match all of the various Apple Watch configurations.

Screenshot 2015 03 31 23 38 21

Pre-orders are now available from Truffol’s website starting today, April 1, 2015. Let us know if this is an accessory you’ll be considering for your Apple Watch–it’s the one everybody’s been waiting for. I already have my eyes set on the 18k yellow gold model.


  • Em

    Doesn’t this then block all of the health sensors and the ability of the watch to tell it’s attached to your wrist and, therefore, allow the use of apple pay or, really anything?

    Doesn’t the watch disable when it’s not able to tell it’s on your wrist?

  • andrez1

    And if you believe this, I have some April fools gold to sell you.

  • You had me up until I read the pre-order date. Nice work, Gary! 😛

  • GS

    Dammit. I told myself I wouldn’t be fooled this year. failed.

  • Hehe

  • Today is a dangerous day

  • You have some valid points here…check the pre-order date and heir link again for more details.

  • matt

    Knew it from the start… How can you have an infinity level battery? That’s a dream in today’s world 🙂

  • FerrariF1

    That is soooooooo disappointing 🙁