TTC: Apple Pay Support Coming by 2017, “Still Work to Be Done”


When Apple Pay launched on Wednesday, Apple’s website listed the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) under ‘Coming Soon’ to support the new mobile wallet. How soon? According to Metro News Toronto, the TTC says Apple Pay can be expected to work by 2017.

Ttc apple pay

TTC spokesman Chris Upfold explained the TTC is currently rolling out new Presto fare readers, which will accept contactless payments. In December, every streetcar will have Prestro readers, while token and pass purchases within subway stations will also start accepting contactless payments.

Upfold said “There are an awful lot of people that just travel on streetcars and from subway stations, so this is the stage where we will start to see more people using Presto.” Presto readers, Upfold explains, are Apple Pay and other mobile payment technologies ready, but says there’s still work to be done before it can be enabled.

To start, single fares will only be supported for Presto, while support for passes and discounts will be added in January. As for mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Upfold stressed support may not launch until the Presto rollout completes by the end of 2017.

While the date is ‘by 2017’, Apple Pay could always arrive sooner. But until then, TTC users will have to wait to use Apple Pay.


  • Crosseyedmofo

    “While the date is ‘by 2017’, Apple Pay could always arrive sooner”

    i like your bushy tailed optimism but if you only knew how the ttc works 🙁

  • Lol…from the article it seems they purposely gave the 2017 date so people would leave the TTC alone. But since I’m not on the ground…okay sure it may be longer 🙂

  • ticky13

    What a joke the TTC is. Why can’t they just enable tap support on their current terminals at station windows and ergo, support Apple Pay?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    because presto isnt the standard yet

  • Crosseyedmofo

    lets just say its so bad it makes montreal transit look like starfleet

  • mxmgodin

    If you read the Metro article: “the TTC will start accepting contactless credit and debit cards at subway stations for token and pass purchases in December.”

    So therefore, Apple Pay “should” work in December to buy tokens and passes at subway stations.

  • FragilityG4

    The TTC is a joke. Apple Pay by 2020 my guess.

  • ahenrycc84

    Maybe Translink in Metro Vancouver will start supporting it in 2040…..

  • They will hopefully and it’ll be based on an honour system 😉 Don’t have Apple Pay? No problem come on board!

  • LofiParadox

    It’s obvious! The TTC first has to strike, maybe twice, before they enable Apple Pay.

  • Anthony ?

    Well, it’s pretty much the standard for most GTA transit systems with the exception of the TTC since they’ve been dragging their ass on the subject of contactless payments for years. It’s their own fault they don’t support it across the board at this point.

  • Anthony ?



    More like 2027, maybe. This is the TTC we’re talking about. Definitely won’t happen until their union can figure out a way to negotiate for some schlep to get paid $70,000/year + 6 months of paid vacation and full benefits to sit there and watch people wave their phones at a reader.

    Priorities, you know…

  • Salinger

    There’s nothing wrong with the TTC that proper funding couldn’t fix. It’s one of if not the most underfunded (by government) major transit systems in North America yet it’s the third largest behind only Mexico City and NYC.

    Montréal transit gets 50% more in subsidies (per ride) than the TTC, Vancouver transit gets 108% more. I’d say they do pretty well given the reliance they have on the fare box for their operating budget.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    true and yes

  • Crosseyedmofo

    good to know