Apple’s TV iOS App in Canada Gains Two New Channels


Apple’s TV iOS app was a U.S. exclusive when it launched, but that changed earlier this month, as it expanded to Canada. The TV iOS app allows users to easily watch media from their favourite TV networks on their iOS devices, with synced bookmarks.

The Canadian launch was limited to the following TV apps:

  • CBC TV
  • CraveTV
  • City
  • FXNow Canada
  • Treehouse
  • Hopster
  • MUBI
  • ICI
  • CuriosityStream
But now, two new apps have been quietly added:

Both of these apps are not free, but require a subscription (possible via in-app purchases).

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Hopefully we will see more apps supported such as Netflix or Amazon soon. If you’re not seeing the TV iOS app on your iPhone or iPad yet in iOS 11, here’s how to download the app from the App Store.
Thanks Mark!


  • Salinger

    “But now, two new apps have been quietly added:
    Shudder (AMC Networks) – $3.99 per month”

    Shudder is $4.99/month in Canada

  • Francis Paquette

    Nope, 3.99$ (annual bill)

  • steve81

    Netflix not gonna happen anytime soon, probably ever.

    « You must grant permission for your participating third party apps to be connected to the TV App and begin sharing what you watch from those apps with Apple. »

    Netflix doesn’t want Apple to get this information (they never share this info, not even with content creators of Netflix Originals!). I suppose it’s going to be the same with Amazon, as they are tight lipped when it comes to these things as well.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Be nice if Tablo, Channel Master and Bell Fibe got in on the act. I hope Netflix will join too but I have a feeling it will never happen.

  • CMfly

    I was really hoping for the ability to login once and have those credentials of my bell subscription auto sign into all the different stream apps.

    My other worry is the number of different streaming apps these days, I don’t want to pay more subscriptions, as much as monopolies are bad I wouldn’t mind if there were a big 3 streaming services that only charge $10/month each… I am happy to get Amazon free with Prime and Netflix for it’s price. Not too keen to sign up for other services on top of those though..

  • bbousquet

    They need to be approved when they contain an URL

  • bbousquet

    That, and the fact that I haven’t found how to filter content in the TV app. I couldn’t care less about content I am not subscribed to.

  • steve81

    I noticed the same thing with TOU.TV, new episodes take a day to appear in the TV app, not useful at all. I guess it’s good to watch old episodes, just not the latest episodes.

  • Douglas Blackwell

    There’s so many complaining comments here, I figured I’d add some balance. I don’t have cable, so everything I watch is from streams. Many of the streams I subscribe to are now in the TV app: Shudder, Crave, Mubi and Curiosity. It’s far easier finding them in one place instead of switching between each. My only complaint is I wish Netflix was included.