Apple’s TV iOS App Makes an Appearance in Canada [PICS]


Last fall, Apple announced U.S. customers would gain access to a new iOS app called TV, which would streamline single-sign on apps across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4.

Now, it appears the TV iOS app is popping up in Canada randomly. While the app isn’t functioning, iPhone in Canada reader @Johnavan_T says the app showed up suddenly on his iPhone yesterday, as you can see below:

Tv ios app canada

He noted his iPhone is not on a beta version of iOS, and his region is set to Canada. The app did not respond to launching with Siri, but when he asked the virtual assistant to “play Fast and the Furious 6”, it did open with the TV app. The TV iOS app remained on his iPhone even after a reboot (which wasn’t the case before when the News iOS app was spotted here).

Tv ios app 2 Tv ios app 3

Canadian TV networks that could support single sign-on would be Bell Fibe TV and Rogers Sportsnet NOW, as both offer live TV with their tvOS apps, and the companies have shown interest in supporting Apple platforms.

Anyone else seeing the TV iOS app show up on their iPhone or iPad?


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I’ve seen it appear when restoring different iPhones. However attempting to open it causes a crash and it then disappears and is replaced with the Videos app.

  • Andrew

    Come on guys. This is not news. The app shows up if you sign into an American App Store account. This article isn’t accurate. Pretty click baity in my opinion.

  • Actually, the user who tipped us said he’s signed into his Canadian App Store account.

  • I’ve had it appear randomly on my Apple TV and my iPhone a couple of times — even on iOS 10.2 and when fully set for and signed into Canadian accounts. I don’t think I’ve ever had it persist across a reboot for me, however. I haven’t yet seen it appear on 10.2.1 (or tvOS 10.1.1), though, even on the betas.

    Not sure what it means long-term. Apple could be testing something specific to Canada, or they could be playing with something else and just screwed up on the country filters 🙂

  • Nice. Yeah, coupled with Siri now being able to launch Netflix titles, we could be onto something with a Canadian TV iOS app launch? Not holding my breath for anytime soon though *cough* apple news *cough*

  • Heh, yeah, Apple News is a good comparison…. It comes down to how much content Apple is able to get on board, and obviously it’s had little success with the news publishers up here, so it’s questionable whether they’re going to have as much success with broadcasters. Netflix has worked with Siri and Search on the Apple TV for a while, and it seems Netflix had no problem being involved on that side, but of course there’s a difference between people searching for something specific and browsing a catalog that might cause them to discover that they can get their favourite shows somewhere other than Netflix.

    Personally, I feel like the TV app would be a good dashboard just for iTunes content, but clearly Apple feels they need to have more than that on board to justify launching it beyond U.S. borders. Even if Netflix came on board I’m not sure whether that would be enough for Apple to roll it out elsewhere.

  • Update: More click baity news for Andrew–

  • Martin Dallaire

    It possible to have it if you just change the region of the iphone, I am a beta tester and a make the test, i put my iphone to US region but using the Canadian store cause a error, but the TV app appear.