Tweetbot 3.1 Brings Text Resizing, Right Swipe To Reply, Storify & More


Our favourite twitter client Tweetbot 3 for iPhone / iPod touch, which was released by Tapbots last month fully redesigned and revamped for iOS 7, has received its first update in the App Store today, adding a couple of features from the previous version, in addition to some new features, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.


Today’s update takes the Tweetbot for iOS app to version 3.1, that allows users to set a list as their default timeline by holding down on the “Timeline” title to open a list of options. Tweetbot 3 now allows right swipe to initiate a quick reply, a feature that was available in Tweetbot 2, and text can also be resized within the app. The update also adds the option to hide timeline badges and selection of square avatars in Settings > Display as well as support for Storify to share conversations via email.

What’s New in Version 3.1 

– Using a list as your timeline is back (hold down on “Timeline” title to reveal the menu) 

– Right swipe to quick reply (short swipe and release for custom action) 

– Resize text within the app (Settings > Display) 

– Option to set square avatars and hide timeline badges (Settings > Display) 

– Email conversations or share via Storify 

– “Last tweet x minutes ago” is back in the profiles (under recent images) 

– Removed “Retweeted by” string so there’s less chance of truncation 

– Lots of bug fixes

Download Tweetbot 3.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]


  • Patrick Ducharme

    I don’t see an iPad version yet…

  • jabohn

    I don’t understand “short right swipe”. If I do a short swipe or a long swipe to the right I get the same thing… it appears to be a reply, but it says Compose at the top. In the settings you can set it to Favorite or Retweet but changing it makes no difference. Very confusing. A swipe to the left just opens the tweet details.

  • einsteinbqat

    Long swipe to the right will always reply. That means that your finger slide from one side to the other.

    A short swipe to the right, and it will favourite or retweet. That means that your finger will never reach the other side.

    They even show the icon changing from retweet/favourite to reply the farther to go from the left.

  • jabohn

    I don’t get that here. No matter how I swipe I get what appear to be a reply.

  • jabohn

    I got a reply from Tweetbot tech support, the trick is you can’t swipe quick, it has to be slow.

  • einsteinbqat

    I only go slow when I need to retweet because I need to stop at the middle of the screen. When I reply, which I do more often then retweet, I swipe really fast.