Twitterrific Lowers Price for macOS App to $7.99 After Twitter Pulls Official App


Just one day after Twitter announced that it pulled and will stop supporting its app for macOS, Twitterrific reduced the price of their macOS app from $19.99 to just $7.99.

Twitterrific is definitely one of the better third-party Twitter clients for any platform, especially for macOS. If you are looking for a Twitter client for the Mac, this is a deal definitely worth jumping on.

On Friday, Twitter announced that they are pulling the Mac app from the App Store and ending support for existing users within the next 30 days. The company says that it is discontinuing the app to focus its “efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms.”

Twitterrific is available to purchase from the Mac App Store. The app requires any device running Mac OS X 10.11 or later and contains no in-app purchases.


  • Olley

    7.99 still pretty high for a twitter app… anyone recommend a free, easy to use app?

  • Larry

    I just saw the announcement of the special price here on iphoneincanada. When Twitter made the announcement last week, I immediately bought Twitteriffic for my phone. Tonight I saw this post about the app being lowered to $7.99. So I checked their Twitter account and they promoted the special price of $7.99, but I’m presuming that’s the US price. Because when I went to the App Store, the price was $10.99. There was nowhere in this post that said it was in US funds. I bought it anyway because I like it. BTW… I also tried Tweetbot and Tweet Deck, but decided on Twitterriffic.

  • Riddlemethis

    Echofon and Hootsuite. Don’t pay for any twitter client.