Two 4-inch iPhones Featuring In-Cell Touch to Hit the Market in 2013 [Rumour]


Contradicting earlier rumours claiming Apple is working on a bigger, 4.8-inch screen iPhone for release this year, Digitimes heard that the Cupertino company is planning to release two iPhones in 2013, and each one of them will sport a 4-inch display, featuring in-cell technology.


“Previously it was said that Apple would release a lower-cost version of its iPhone with a bigger screen in 2013. But the sources claimed that Apple is indeed developing an iPhone with a bigger screen, but that will not be among the models to be lancuhed this year”, Digitimes informs.

The hit-or-miss Taiwanese source of Apple rumours and news alleges there will be one high-end model, and another cheaper version targeting the midrange market segment, and there is no word about Apple changing display technologies this year.

The report is in line with the KGI Securities report signed by Ming-Chi Kuo who expects Apple to introduce two new iPhone models in the third quarter of 2013, with one being the iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor technology, and the second, a new iPhone 5 design.

But the question still remains open as to whether Apple will have adequate in-cell touch panel supply this year, Digitimes says. We were wondering, though, if this is the only argument for choosing the right technology, as, if you recall, in-cell panel supply shortages weren’t behind the iPhone 5 supply shortage, but rather Foxconn’s struggle to meet demand while keeping up with Apple’s quality standards.


  • Farids

    At any given time, Apple is prototyping all available technologies for all products they plan to release in the next 5-10 years: memory, chipsets, CPUs, display types and sizes, boards, antennas, cases etc. Out of all Apple’s list of products, iPhone and iPad are the most important as they generate the main profit Apple makes, its bread and butter. In order to test all aspects of hardware and software, they have to have at least 10-20 of each prototype for different departments and test conditions. The rumors we hear are someone tracing the part orders by Apple, and assuming what is being ordered is what Apple is going to release in the near or immediate future. I wouldn’t take any of these seriously. At least not till the manufacturing starts and wesee the pictures, released by the actual Chinese contractors, a couple of months before release date, like it happened in the case of iPhone 5.

  • Yeah. Prototypes are a good indication of what could come, although they always get juicier closer to launch times.