Two New iPhones Revealed In AppleTV Firmware


Back in April 2010, just before the launch of the Apple iPad in the USA, a reference to a new iPhone was found within the iPad firmware. At the time, the mystery references were:

  • iPhone3,1
  • iPhone3,2
  • iPhone3,3

Well, ‘iPhone3,1’ became the iPhone 4 but the other two were never really revealed. This week however, the same iPhone model references have been found within the new AppleTV firmware.

Like the original list from April, this new list includes the same string of devices and the mysterious iPhone3,2 and iPhone3,3.

Early rumors indicate that these iPhone devices could be for Verizon in the USA, improved antenna models, or very early production models for next year.

The thing worth noting is that these new iPhone devices should not be very different from the current iPhone 4. By contrast, the iPhone 3GS internal model number is iPhone2,1 and when the iPhone 4 was released, its model number was iPhone3,1. In other words, when that first number changes, it usually means a major change.

What/who do you think these new mystery iPhones are for?



  • JD

    Wait, apples planning on releasing more iphones?!? ok, sarcasm off now…my bet is 3,2 = fixed antenna. 3,3 = fixed antenna + Verizon

  • Xxx

    CDMA iphones

  • im sure one will be the white + revised antenna, the other will be the rumoured CDMA phone.

  • KC

    These numbers were there before the antenna issue. They were there before the i4 was final so there is not way it is a revised antenna.

  • Itsik Romano

    Hdmi baby… Hdmi availability .. It’s the perfect match for apple tv as well…

  • Bdobson

    I am willing to make a bet that the white iphone will be the same hardware as black, so far as the antenna goes or they would be destroyed on-line and by fans.

  • socrdiva11

    i’m thinking that its the Verizon CDMA model…and maybe…a model that runs on the 4G network? like for T-Mobil in the states and Wind in canada?? who knows…but i can’t see it being an antena fix…maybe one of them is the i5…no hardware change…just software?

  • iP4Crazy

    iPhone 4, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS? Seems logical. This means they might already have a 5 in R&D.

  • xxJDxx

    I doubt they will release a fixed antenna version, because that would mean they had to admit that the iphone 4 antenna was ‘flawed’ and that would inevitably mean people trying to return their ‘defective’ i4’s.
    One will be a CDMA version, the other…..who knows???