Apple’s Free U2 iTunes Album Giveaway Tops 2 Million Downloads


Apple’s surprise free U2 album giveaway in iTunes has topped two million free copies, according to what sources tell Re/code:

iTunes users have downloaded more than 2 million copies of “Songs of Innocence” since Tuesday, according to people familiar with the album’s performance. The album is available exclusively on iTunes until the middle of October.

The album Songs of Innocence is set to debut in October, but the deal with Apple reportedly saw the latter reportedly spend $100 million to use the band’s songs for upcoming promotional purposes of the iPhone 6.

Today, in an interview with Billboard, U2’s manager Guy Oseary says the band will be working more with Apple in future projects.

How to download U2’s free album? Follow Apple’s instructions below; if they don’t work, go to iTunes > Purchases > then download the album once it shows up.

Did you download your free U2 album in iTunes? Some users with iCloud turned on have shockingly discovered the album already downloaded to their devices, without their knowing.


  • cdnchinaman

    I seem to be reading a lot of negativity surrounding this campaign and it’s weird to me. Someone gives you something for free… if you like it, enjoy it! If you don’t, throw it away. I’m a fan of U2 and their music and have been listening to them since Zooropa in the 90s so I’m grateful for this album. I never had the album show up on my device automatically because I don’t have automatic music downloads enabled so I had to download it myself. Those who are complaining about the album showing up automatically obviously have that setting enabled and since iTunes paid for it, naturally it would download onto your device as it is a “purchased” album. Know your settings before blasting Apple and U2. Either way, this campaign worked for Apple because they have another ambassador for the brand and U2 well they obviously benefit from the monies and the much needed publicity given the age of their band.

  • BugNo2

    How do I throw it away? I deleted it and it came back… I saw a blog jokingly calling it U2-virus. Tend to agree. It’s my phone you know–Apple should ask me if I want something force-downloaded. Not even a popup “yes/no” happened.

  • Biggy204

    After you delete the U2 album if you downloaded it, go to settings and iTunes&Appstore then turn off “Show All” in the music &/video categories. So if you have that turned on you’ll keep seeing the U2 or whatever music you have previously purchased, on your list of music just do that and you wont see U2 on your music playlists or alblums list.