Uber Customers in Canada Will Start Paying Federal Sales Tax on July 1


If you’re planning to take an Uber home after a long night of Canada Day celebrations, don’t be surprised if your tab is higher than usual. However, this time it won’t just be because of the company’s surge pricing.

As of July 1, federal sales tax (13% HST in Ontario and 5% GST in Alberta) will be added on top of regular Uber fares. The tax, announced in the Liberal government’s federal budget in March, seeks to bring ride-sharing business under the same tax rules as conventional taxis.

Uber Canada slammed the measure as a “tax on innovation,” saying that rather than imposing new taxes on Uber drivers, the federal government should have leveled the playing field by extending small business tax breaks to taxi drivers.

[via Ottawa Citizen]


  • dudemaster

    Tax, tax, and more tax….

  • raslucas

    They should have thanked the government for not charging them the taxes retroactively. Other business have to collect taxes, why do they think they are any different?

  • Gerry Lee

    Still cheaper than a regular taxi.

  • iverge

    And how many cab drivers do you think are actually remitting the HST on all their fares? At least with Uber there is an actual digital trail that will ensure all HST collected will be forwarded to the government.

  • Flash

    If you pay by card, they can’t hide it – they can only hide the fare if you pay in cash.

  • JonathanM

    Liberals love taxing Canadians to line their own pockets and to pander to “refugees” who have no business being in our country

  • iverge

    Uber does not accept cash…. Try using a card with a taxi and they tell you the machine is not working *WINK WINK*

  • iverge

    Canada is what it is because of immigrants. We all come from somewhere else or our parents. Our diversity is our strength.

  • Not new to this country

    Racists love making indefensible remarks and blame their sad lives on everyone else.

  • raslucas

    No I rarely have cash and always tell the driver when I get in. I don’t remember the last time I paid a taxi driver with cash.

  • iverge

    Happy being miserable?

  • John McClane

    I think he meant illegal immigrants, but everyone is free to see from whatever angle it’s more convenient…

  • BeaveVillage

    Is this a joke? Stop taxing us.

  • Bryan Foster

    They alwaysssssss try to pull the ‘No Card, Cash only, Cash only’ crap