Uber Fears Losing Drivers in Quebec Over ‘Restrictive and Complex Regulations’



According to a report from CTV News, Uber fears losing drivers in Quebec over restrictive and complex regulations in the province.

Uber Quebec’s general manager Jean-Nicolas Guillemette said that requiring the driver to get one particular type of permit is problematic. In a statement, he said:

“It’s certain that the class 4C permit creates a serious barrier to getting into the business.”

Uber has been operating a pilot project since October 21 in Quebec. Drivers who joined Uber before that date have until December 9 to sign up for a permit. Uber is afraid that many drivers, especially those that work only a few hours a week, will leave the company because of this restriction.


  • Michel Plante

    Bye Bye ???? Uber ????????????

  • Kevin D.

    Fuck the government and their restrictive laws, this ain’t democracy! The government needs to look ahead and plan for the future, they are way too conservative. Fucking monopolizing everything, from alcohol which can only be bought at the SAQ (hard liquor) to the fucking Bureau du Taxi… I mean come on….