Uber Has Until Wednesday to Shut Down Operations in Mississauga


According to a report by The Toronto Star, if Uber and other ride sharing companies do not shut down operations in Mississauga within one week, the city council will scrap a proposed pilot program to allow such businesses to compete with traditional taxis. After Wednesday’s council meeting, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said that a letter from Uber has been received indicating the company wishes to cooperate, which is “a sign of progress and a show of good will”.


[Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie]

All ride-sharing companies were banned by the city council last week, unless they followed the same rules as traditional taxis, while leaving the door open with the possibility of new rules to be worked out under the pilot program. However, Councillor Carolyn Parrish, who does not want any transportation businesses picking up passengers in the city unless they follow the exact same rules as taxis, said the pilot should be killed right away.

“I don’t like Uber, I don’t want them.” Parrish said that a motion passed last week stated clearly that all ride-sharing companies were directed to cease operation with the passage of the council resolution, before a pilot were to proceed. Since Uber has failed to do so, and continues to operate, she said Wednesday that plans for the pilot should be scrapped.

Uber Canada spokesperson Susie Heath has said that the company already has 100,000 daily riders and 5,000 drivers in Mississauga: “That’s why we are committed to working with Mississauga City Council and staff and have requested an earlier date for recommendations on the framework for a pilot program.”

In the letter to the city, Uber has asked for the September date when the pilot details would be drafted, to be moved up, though it was no more specific about timing.


  • Jay

    Cant Canada just get with the program already -_-
    I feel like they have learned nothing from the pointless battles that plagued the US until the US finally realized that ridesharing is superior.

    Why must we all be behind and AGAINST progress in the realm of telecom, transportation, banking, etc.

    Its getting really old, never thought I would wish we all be more like Toronto

  • Werdner

    Taxi companies are tight with Mississauga politicians – it sucks. Need to make sure to not to vote for those opposing Uber next election.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m sure the counsellors own plates … Follow the money.

  • SkipinFL

    Always a good suggestion!

  • Anthony ?

    These dinosaurs really need to be kicked out on their ass, along with the lifers in Toronto. Politicians in Canada, from the municipal level all the way to Federal, are nothing more than a bunch of scum sucking pigs at a trough, and it’s our tax dollars that are filling that trough. What a fucking joke these idiots are.

    As for Carolyn Parrish, she just needs to be launched on a one way trip to Mars. She’s a fucking leech that one.

  • aaloo

    well, people should remember this and vote these councillors and mayors out next election. when it comes time to vote, its us who don’t pick our asses up from our couches to go vote.