Uber Will Continue to Operate in Ottawa Until New Legislation Takes Effect


Uber will continue to operate in Ottawa until city council votes on Wednesday over new proposed regulations that would allow ride-sharing companies to operate legally in the city.

After a marathon debate last week in which councillors grilled Uber’s public policy manager and heard from dozens of people on the issue, Coun. Diane Deans asked the company to clarify if it plans to keep operating illegally in the lead-up to September 30. The company told her it plans to keep drivers on the road.

She said Uber told her too many drivers and customers rely on it, but the company would try to meet the city’s new regulations, which will be voted on tomorrow.

Uber drivers have been operating without required taxi licences since the company launched in Ottawa in October 2014. Deans said that the city has laid nearly 200 charges against unlicensed Uber drivers since then.

[via Ottawa Citizen]


  • BeaveVillage

    Canadian Taxi Companies should be very very worried. A one hundred year old profession is about to go the way of many other things from one hundred years ago.

  • KBlazer07

    So my understanding of taxi licenses is very little, but I believe the following to be true:
    1. Licenses are very hard to come by, I.e. You can’t just go out and by one from the City.
    2. Licenses are very expensive (range of $100k).
    The reason for high taxi rates is that drivers have a mortgage on these licenses, which, when paid off, become a retirement investment. Now imagine having paid half of your license off and uber comes in and has no such fees. It has basically killed your retirement fund and cost you $50k for a useless license. I believe this is why the decision on uber is not so clear cut. I think the city may be facing massive lawsuits depending on what decision is made. I wish someone would inform people with tid bits like this so people could form educated decisions. Again, this is my understanding of the system, but I may be totally wrong.