Uber Wins in Edmonton as Judge Strikes Down City’s Injunction


Edmonton officials filed an injunction against Uber a while back to stop the ride-sharing service from operating, deemed illegal in the city. Uber argued in court the city had incorrectly named the proper corporate entity in its injunction, thusly it should be thrown out of court.

In a ruling made yesterday, Uber won in court as the Edmonton injunction was struck down in court. The city told CBC News “The city is reviewing the decision and our next steps,” and refused to comment further. The injunction was launched by city councillors as they were concerned about the lack of insurance for Uber drivers.

Uber can still operate in the city now, after launching last December and still technically being defined as illegal. The city says it will make amendments to bylaws to be the first city in Canada to allow ride-share companies legal, with changes set for this fall.

Uber spokesperson Xavier Van Chau said in a statement “With this court decision, it’s clear the best path forward is one of collaboration, leading to modern regulations on ride sharing.”

While Edmonton looks to change how it handles ride-share companies, one Toronto councillor wants to ban the app from city-issued smartphones, over safety concerns.


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Time for the other cities especially Ottawa to enter the modern age and stop letting corporations from owning all the cab licences. My belief that only individual cab drivers should be the ones allowed to purchased on a yearly basis the cab licences not the big companies. The industry needs to be regulated and the drivers and passengers freed from the shackles of these corporations who are in bed with city politicians.

  • iverge

    I’m sure if they looked into who owns most of these licences I bet they are the same politicians who are trying to ban Uber.

  • FamiGami

    Umm, every single cab driver is self employed in quebec, working under contract to taxi companies where each driver pays his own fees and owns his own license… The companies are basically unions.

  • Tim

    That’s not true. Lots of drivers simply rent vehicles from the cartels. They don’t own the licenses. The fact that drivers in Montreal still paper swipe your credit card (if they even accept it) is a clear indication that we need Uber.

  • FamiGami

    That’s still self employment by definition, just like hair dressers that work in a salon.